Monday, September 04, 2017

Wild Cats

Wild Cats

You wonder what I smiled at
Baby, I'm a wild cat
Lost count of the girls I've haunted
But you got the goods and girl you flaunt it
You turn me on -- you know I want it
Girl, I give as good as I get
And I'll be your best one yet!

If you'd met your soul mate
Or I'd found mine
We wouldn't be talking
It'd be a crime...

She was the wrong girl
He was the wrong guy
Maybe it was a fun whirl
But we said goodbye

Thought she was Bacall
Or he was Humphrey
Until that last call
You dumped him, she dumped me

Some girls make you try too hard
Make it wronger as you go
Wrong place, wrong time, evil-starred
But with you I wanna take it slow...

I can tell you how it's gonna be
Me with you and you with me
Ripping clothes off, wild screams
Don't care who knows or who sees!

Day or night, night or day
Say my name, beg and plead
You know you're gonna do what I say
Cuz I'm the wild cat that you need
(Satisfaction guaranteed!)
Little of this, a lot of that
Scratch your back like a wild cat!

You're not a thief, a thief of love...
You're my angel, from above
Love means, don't apologize
Mountains, deserts or sandy beach
I'm your wild cat, in your reach
Underground or in the skies...

I'm gonna free you from your cage
Rock your world, rock the stage
Fantasia, purple haze
Remake the world into a fiery blaze
I'm gonna free you
So you can be you
Like no one else
Take you off the shelf
Show the world your epic self
We'll be wild
And we'll be free
Cuz you're a wild cat like me!

You seem afraid -- you hide away
But let me love you in the light of day!
Crank it up! To eleven!
Show the world -- we're gonna live in heaven
I'm gonna show you off -- cuz you make me proud!
You bring out the beast in me and it's gonna get loud!

Hear me roar
Hear me growl!
Won't need a full moon
To make you howl!
You've got power, you are a beast!
Life's a banquet, so, girl, let's feast!
It ain't no game
No need to play
Cuz we're not tame
No, not today!
Claim your power -- girl, you're all that
We run free, cuz we're wild cats!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

A Quick Guide to the Manuel Bastioni LAB Add-On for Blender

A Quick Guide to the Manuel Bastioni LAB Add-On for Blender

by Writer99025 

Manuel Bastioni LAB is an open source character generator or an add-on for Blender which is 100% free to use for personal and commercial work. It creates ready-to-use 3D animation characters, with poses, morphs and more.
This software is one of the best add-ons for Blender and compares very well with similar products from Daz 3D and MakeHuman. It has excellent options for base meshes and morphing.
The add-on works very well with .blend files and is capable of rendering complex scenes. It is certainly worth a look if you want to create 3D humanoid characters. The meshes are very realistic and include cartoon and anime styles.
The add-on is a perfect human generator with the right polycount for animation and features fluid movement deformations. The humanoid animations are more realistic than what you can generate with MakeHuman or Daz 3D.
What is a Blender?
Blender is an open source 3D creation suite. It is available for free, like all open source software. It supports everything related to 3D animation, such as modeling, simulation, compositing, rendering, game creation, video editing, and motion tracking. Blender is generally used by small studios and individuals working on 3D animations. It runs on Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers.
Who is Manual Bastioni?
Manuel Bastioni is the creator of the Manuel Bastioni LAB. This software is based on a number of complex algorithms, prototypes and Python scripts developed by him over a period 15 years.
Bastioni was involved with MakeHuman in the past and has wide ranging experience in 3D graphics projects and development of CG humans. Today, he competes directly with MakeHuman, Daz 3D, Genesis 3, and other 3D human generators.
Here’s What This Add-On for Blender Does for You…

Manuel Bastioni LAB comes with a number of sophisticated tools that help you get the most out of Blender and create highly realistic humanoid characters. The software is 100% open source and can be downloaded for free under the AGPL license. It allows you to do the following with just a few clicks in Blender 3D…
  • Create human characters
  • Select the pose
  • Change physical parameters
  • Set the expressions
  • Assign phenotypes
Manuel Bastioni LAB Add-on for Blender Features
#1: The software comes with an advanced skin editor that creates displacement maps with respect to the character meta parameters such as tone, muscle and age.
#2: It features a fuzzy logic algorithm that mixes up the parameters in real-time.
#3: It can help generate a number of special characters such as elves, anime and more in addition to the photorealistic characters.
#4: The software allows you access to a library with a number of anime "shojo" characters of the classic and modern style.
#5: The models include skeletons that are auto-fitted to the morphings, a comprehensive library of poses that allow for a one-click pose.
#6: You will have access to an anthropological phenotypes library that features Caucasian, Asian and Afro face types.
#7: The algorithm modifies and finishes the morphing so as to match the expressions to the face-type.
You may download the software for free here.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

U Cant Have Me

U Can't Have Me!

Your tilted stage
Is just a gilded cage
for your jilted rage
Cuz U Can't Have Me!

Is your girl so phat?
Or just a bad porn actress Hollywood Hills chicken head hood rat?
She ain't all that
And U Can't Have Me!

My ass my ass my ass is in the back
But you'll never get none cuz of what you lack
(You'd give yourself a heart attack!)
So just stutter and sputter like you're high on crack!
Cuz. U. Can't. Have. MeEEEeee!

Boy, don't forget your pills
Cus, if you do you'll get the chills
(Delirium tremens and other ills)
Cuz U Can't Have Me!

Scuze me, I'ma let you finish
But I just gotta say
that you're tired!
And you're played
Cuz we just had a rap battle
And you just got slayed
And. U. Still. Can't. Have. Me!

I'm a little bit country
And a little bit pop
But when it comes to spittin' rhymes
I can't be stopped
You say you're bad
Think you're the shit
Rap about that
Rap about my tits
You'll only ever take me to bed in your head
Cuz U Can't Touch This!

So don't come at me
You only embarrass yourself
Cuz U Can't Have Me
(How you like these trophies on my shelf?)

Even if I liked 'em dumb
Or if I liked them crazy
U couldn't have me
Cuz your beats are too lazy!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Look What You Did To Yourself

Look What You Did To Yourself

You seem stuck in a tired frame
Stuck on yourself and your claim to fame
You got rich people problems, fancy cheese, fancy whine
If you liked yourself, you'd be feelin' better
Ain't been no crime, and there ain't no gun
There's just your ego, like you're the only one
Open your eyes and look around
Get over yourself, try to make the world a little better!

Are you really smarter? Are you tryin' harder?
Or are you sinking deeper in your personal slime?
You got dumped or you got dissed
You got eleventy million dollars but you're still pissed!
How many lyrics you gonna write about some stud who did you wrong?
You're squandering your gifts on pointless songs!

Hey, you did it to yourself
Look what you did to you
Look what you did to you
Look what you did to you
Hey, you did it to yourself
Look what you did to you
Look what you did to you
Look what you did to you

[Verse 2]
Step outside yourself, see what the world sees
You could say something really deep
Raise your voice with a primal scream
Stop this nightmare, bring the world a dream
I think your drama's just a comedy
(See Taylor scream, "Me, me, me!")
Talk about something else, even if it's just the weather
Take the world you've found and make it better!

You're only dead if you stop trying
Get over yourself, stop your crying!
You're only dead if you stop trying
Get over yourself, stop your crying!
You're only dead if you stop trying
Get over yourself, stop your crying!
You're only dead if you stop trying
Get over yourself, stop your crying!
(Look what you did to yourself)
(Look what you did to yourself)
Before you say another word,
Before you write another line,
Ask yourself, "Should this be heard?
If I die, should this be my final word?"