Friday, June 16, 2017

My Humble, Modest Rebuttal to Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Kickstarter Project

Dear Dr. Tyson:

This is my humble, modest rebuttal to your Kickstarter proposal. In fact, it's so humble and so modest it may make you sick of humble modesty!

To wit:

Star Trek got transporters wrong

Star Trek got transporters wrong. Shockingly, amazingly wrong! Mainly because they didn't have the budget to get it right, but that's beside the point.

In general, to paraphrase, here's my understanding of how Star Trek transporters worked.

A sophisticated computer scanned every molecule of the transportee, including clothes, weapons, accessories, even gut bacteria. So far so good.

Then for some reason that has never been clear to me, this miraculous technology converted the biomass and other matter to energy.

In other words, the Star Trek transporter killed you and the horse you rode in on. I don't care what your definition of dead is, if your physical body is converted to energy, you are dead.

Then, again for no apparent reason, the transporter technology transported the particular energy that was formerly you to some distanted point.

Then, the transporter reassembled you, your clothes, your germs (after scrubbing them, of course) into a physical body.

Then, to complete the process, again apparently for no reason, the transporter threw all this data it had just accumulated.

If you think about transporters and you think about how data is transferred on the Internet, it should really be immediately apparent that the first time you are scanned for teleportation, you can never really die.

There's no reason to destroy your physical body and convert it into energy. Energy is energy. If you can reassemble your Star Trek energy into a physical body, then there should be no reason that you can't reassemble any equivalent amount of energy into an exact duplicate (which was actually done in an episode of Star Trek: TNG). Unfortunately, anytime they did anything logical with teleporters on Star Trek, it was a one-time accident that could never be repeated because the producers just could wrap their minds around how powerful this technology truly is.

If you can make one duplicate of William T. Riker, there's no end to your William T. Riker duplicating ability!

This was also a problem with the creation of the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Honestly, Joss Whedon, if you can make 1 android with artificial intelligence, you can make a bunch just like him. Did Apple stop after making 1 iPhone because it was such a miracle?

Hollywood loves to create these artificial shortages, but technology is reaching the point that audiences just won't be able to accept it any more... But I digress.

Who knows when or if humanity will ever develop honest-to-goodness Star Trek Transporter technology.

Monday, November 07, 2016

This Ain't What I Came For Week

Welcome to This Ain't What I Came For Week!

Friday, November 04, 2016

Starting Blender File for Manuel Bastioni Lab for People Who Use Blender Render

I've created a Blender starting file to help people who are working with Manuel Bastioni Lab, who like me, do not have equipment that works well with the Cycles Render Engine. You may download this file from Dropbox.

I hope it's helpful to you.

Please visit my CMU Mocap Library page.

Thank you.

Here's the error Message that ver 1.4 generates with MakeWalk:

Male Characters work normally:

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Man Walking Week

Welcome to Man Walking Week.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Nasty Women and Bad Hombres

Nasty Women and Bad Hombres

Nasty women
Bad hombres
What's the world
Coming to these days?!

It's bad -- so bad
It's super sad
This crazy world
just makes me mad!

I tell you how it's gotta be
Be afraid and follow me
The world's insane - a tragedy
Be very scared and worship me!

I got the best words! Best dance! Best romance!
Best plans -- best offense!
If you ain't shitting your pants --
Well you're just dense!

I know more than the generals
I'll secure our borders...
It'll be a new day --
Just follow my orders!

Buy my stocks -- take my debt
Got you fools payin' for my jet.
Bet on me -- wait and see -- I'll make you sweat --
You'll lose, but I'll win that bet!

Pull her hair back, tongue down her throat
Grab 'em by the pussy -- grab 'er by the ass
Do what I say, hear me gloat
Let me tell you how I got class...

In a New Way

 In a New Way

This happened the first time today
You touched me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

It was not an accident
The way you cut me like a knife
It was intentional
Never been so sure of anything in my life!

Happened the first time today
Did I say touch?
I meant you violated me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

Meet and greet, photo op
Don't make me meat, I'm not a prop
You don't own me, I'm not your toy
You're a grown-ass man, not some naughty little boy.

Happened the first time today
You violated me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

It's not a game, not "locker room talk"
You don't get a free pass, don't get to walk.
Can't do what you did and just lie about it
Damn straight you lost your job and now you're gonna talk shit?!

Happened the first time today
You violated me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

Reached under my skirt and grabbed my ass
Couldn't get away from you -- you got no class!
Sexual assault, utter disregard
Stole my dignity, every shard.

Happened the first time today
You violated me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

Violated me in a way I had never experienced before
Humiliated me, crushed me, demeaned me
Treated me like a whore.
Let me tell you how it's gonna be...

You're gonna lose your case you stupid f*ck
And I'll win my countersuit,
You are straight out of luck
                            (YOU DUMB F*CK!)

Happened the first time today
You violated me in a new way
A new way, a new way.

This Ain't What I Came For

This Ain't What I Came For

This ain't what I came for
That's why I'm walking out your door
All you think about is 'bout yourself
That's why I'ma put you on a shelf!

You're on every fashion list
Best dressed, best kissed, best altruist
You're so shallow, girl, that's why I'm pissed
All your songs 'bout how
                            you been dissed!

Blank stare on your blank face
Like you just came from outer space
You're the blondest blonde in the place
Goody two-shoes, so straight-laced...

Plaster on a fake grin
Shake it off cuz you just can't win
Got more money than a thousand men
But you're still all about the Benjamins.

Girl, write a song 'bout something more
Than how you're the one we all adore
Write something deeper than you done before
Girl, don't be a has-been bore...

There's a world beyond your blank space
There's a whole human race
Poverty, disease, Climate change
Say some something that matters -- show some range!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Carnegie-Mellon University Motion Capture Library Project Completed

As of today, I believe I've posted all 2,528 BVH files from the CMU Mocap Library that I found (barring errors and/or inadvertent omissions).

Please see this page for more details. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest in this project.

Monday, October 17, 2016

CMU Mocap Lib Update 74 Percent Posted

As of today, I've posted about 1879 of the 2,528 BVH files from the CMU Mocap Library. I've completed rendering the files and am in the processing of compositing the still images.

Please see this page for more details. Thank you.