Monday, November 30, 2015


2015 11 30 "Thrice" #OW


Thrice looks like three times.

Thrice sounds like twice with a thr- instead of a tw-.

Thrice smells like too much cologne, if you apply it thrice!

Thrice feels like three more than once, one-and-a-half more than twice.

Thrice tastes like 3 pieces of chicken.

Rhymes with Thrice: rais, rice imprecise, concise, precise, sice, syce slice allspice, bespice, speiss, spice resplice, splice, unsplice entice, tice trice twice advice, device, intrauterine device, edelweiss, vice, vise

I told you once!  I told you twice!  I told you thrice!
If you stop interrupting me, I'll be done in a trice!
Forbear, woman!  Woman, be nice
Dinner won't be done until I add just the right amount of spice!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Ice

2015 11 29 "Black Ice" #OW

Black Ice is ice made even more treacherous because it is hard to see.

Black Ice looks like the pavement beneath it.

Black Ice sounds like, "Aaaah!  I just slipped on black ice!"

Black Ice smells like adrenalin.

Black Ice feels like the bones you broke as you slipped on the black ice.

Black Ice tastes like regular ice, with your blood mixed in.

Rhymes with Black Ice: choc-ice, de-ice, dry ice, ice, camphor ice bice dice, paradise fice, human sacrifice, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, suffice grice beggar’s lice, body lice, head lice, lice church mice, field mice, country mice, mice, city mice, titmice gneiss, nice, overnice pice half-price, off-price, price, reprice, underprice, unprice

Don't fall on the Black Ice
Breaking your bones wouldn't feel so nice.
Don't want you to be a human sacrifice!
Leave that for the field mice!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


2015 11 28 "Bathysphere" #OW

Bathysphere is chamber for deep-sea observation.

Bathysphere looks like a giant metal ball with glass windows.

Bathysphere sounds like the pinging made by SONAR.

Bathysphere smells like the dude that's been stuck in there for hours!

Bathysphere feels like claustrophobia.

Bathysphere tastes like metal and glass.

Rhymes with Bathysphere: A aerosphere, anthrosphere, atmosphere, B barysphere, biosphere, E ecosphere, exosphere, F photosphere, H hemisphere, hydrosphere, I insphere, L lithosphere, M magnetosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, P perisphere, PL planisphere, R rhizosphere, S centrosphere, SF sphere, STR stratosphere, TH thermosphere, TR troposphere, U undersphere, unsphere cashier, shear, sheer, tabasheer A adiposere, agricere, Aesir, E ensear, F financier, I insincere, K caboceer, KW cuirassier, L Landseer, PL plancier, S sear, seer, cere, sincere, xerosere skeer sclere

Mind you don't break the Bathysphere!
It's super-expensive!  Yes, I'm sincere.
We use it to explore the biosphere.
No, it's not a good place to take a broad for booze and beer...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Joan Jett Week


Welcome to Joan Jett Week!  The TinyURL for this post is


2015 11 27 "Appear" #OW

Appear means I didn't see you, and now I do.

Appear looks like you look right now.

Appear sounds like, "Oh, hey!  I didn't see you till just now!"

Rhymes with Appear: A anear, B bioengineer, buccaneer, Ddenier, domineer, E electioneer, engineer, G gonfalonier, I Indianeer, J jardiniere, K cannoneer, carabineer, carabinier, caravaneer, carbineer, M mountaineer, muffineer, mutineer, N near, neer, O auctioneer, P palfrenier, pioneer, pontonier, S souvenir, sermoneer, SH chiffonier, scrutineer, SL sloganeer, SP specksioneer, T timoneer, V veneer diapir, disppear, compear, compeer, outpeer, peer, pier, pir, reappear isoplere arrear, Fenrir, career, rear, uprear, vancourier

And what to my wandering eyes should appear?
Two young Italian girls in a wet gondolier!
Come hither, ladies!  Come here!
Is there a good Chinese restaurant somewhere near here?

Thursday, November 26, 2015


2015 11 26 "Fear" #OW

Fear is being scared of something.

Fear looks like

Fear sounds like

Fear smells like

Fear feels like

Fear tastes like

Rhymes with Fear: drear, fere, interfere, isodiaphere fleer bevel gear, footgear, friction gear, gear, gir, headgear, regear, running gear, ungear adhere, hear, here, inhere, cohere, Mynheer, mishear, overhear jeer, Tangier fakir, kier chanticleer, clear, reclear, unclear queer, lequear, perqueer   bandoleer, bandolier, F fusilier, G gaselier, gondolier, K camelier, cavalier, King Lear, L lavaliere, lear, Lear, leer, P pedalier, pistoleer, SH chandelier, chevalier A actinomere, amir, antimere, BL blastomere, E emeer, emir, epimere, K kerseymere, M meer, mere, metamere, mir, PR premier, S centromere, SH chimere, V Vermeer

The only thing we have to Fear
Is a shortage of tasty craft Beer
So be a darling, be my Dear
And fetch some more.  Go on -- get out of here!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


2015 11 25 "Dear" #OW

Dear is someone who is near to you.

Dear looks like the girl who's picture is in your wallet.

Dear sounds like, "Yes, Dear."

Dear smells like fancy perfume.

Dear feels like home.

Dear tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Dear: ear, ere, madrier, wheatear, rabbit’s ear beer, bier, gambier, ginger beer, light beer, near beer, shillibeer blear cheer, upcheer B balladeer, bayadere, belvedere, bombardier, BR brigadier, deer, E endear, F fallow deer, GR grenadier, H halberdier, K killdeer, commandeer, nadir, P petardeer, petardier, R reindeer, V voir dire

Something in your ear, dear?
I said, "Please come here."
I want you to taste this near bear.
It'll cheer you up -- I said cheer! Cheer! CHEER!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


2015 11 24 "Acquire" #OW

Acquire means to get stuff.

Acquire looks like a kid with a new candy bar.

Acquire sounds like Vinnie Barbarino exclaiming, "I need drugs! Gimme drugs!"

Acquire smells like fancy perfume in the tiny bottles.

Acquire feels like success.

Acquire tastes like the lunch buffet at the Golden Corral.

Rhymes with Acquire: antechoir, enquire, esquire, inquire, choir, quire, require, retrochoir liar, lyre admire, bemire, quagmire, mire, pismire empire, pyr, pyre, umpire plier, plyer prior, pryer shire belsire, grandsire, sire squire, unsquire aspire, expire, inspire, conspire, perspire, respire, spire, suspire, transpire attire, entire, flat tire, overtire, retire, satire, tire, Tyre envire, vire barbwire, barbed wire, haywire, rewire, tripwire, unwire, wire desire

Your love I must acquire
I confess the situation is dire
As if your feelings for me are stuck in the mire
Love me! Or I expire!

Monday, November 23, 2015


2015 11 23 "Ire" #OW

Ire is anger.

Ire looks like eyes narrowed to slits.

Ire sounds like a sharp bite to her inflection and tone.

Ire smells like adrenaline.

Ire feels like you've really just stepped in it.

Ire tastes like she made my banana sandwich with mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise!  Can you believe the unmitigated gall!  If you're gonna make me a banana sandwich, slice the banana lengthwise and quarter it, make some toast, and put lots of butter on the toast!  Don't be puttin' mayo on my banana sandwich!

Rhymes with Ire: byre briar, brier dier, dire, dyer A afire, B backfire, beaconfire, bonfire, BL blackfire, BR brushfire, D death, fire, F fire, foxfire, forest fire, G galley fire, gunfire, GR granophyre, H hellfire, K campfire, camphire, coal fire, KR crossfire, L lamprophyre, M melaphyre, misfire, N needfire, P peat fire, portfire, R retrofire, S sapphire, signal fire, SH shellfire, SP spitfire, SW swamp fire, W wildfire, wood fire friar, fryer hire, rehire gyre

Uh oh!  Now I've raised her ire!
Out of the frying pan and into the fire!
It's the end days, the widening gyre
I swear I was trying to make her happy,
But my plan just seemed to backfire!

The TaSK: Week Ending 2015 11 29

The TaSK ARCHIVES for 2015 11 

Please visit Dropbox for The TaSK 2015 11 Archive in the CBZ format.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


2015 11 22 "Telescript" #OW

Telescript is a script for a TV show.

Telescript looks like

Telescript sounds like

Telescript smells like

Telescript feels like

Telescript tastes like

Rhymes with Telescript: decrypt, encrypt, crypt, uncrypt apocalypt, hare-lipped, close-lipped, lipped, pale-lipped, red-lipped, stiff-lipped conscript, manuscript, nondescript, postscript, prescript, proscript, script, subscript, superscript, typescript, transcript

Hey, won't ya read my telescript?
From the headlines directly it's ripped!
From the first scene to the last you'll be gripped!
C'mon now, take a copy of the manuscript...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Buffalo Chips

2015 11 21 "Buffalo Chips" #OW

Buffalo Chips are discrete units of buffalo excrement.

Buffalo Chips look like big mounds of black excrement.

Buffalo Chips sound like one relieved buffalo!

Buffalo Chips smell like fresh country air.

Buffalo Chips feel like failure.

Buffalo Chips taste like something you don't need to taste to know that you never want to taste it.

Rhymes with Buffalo Chips: chips, fish and chips, in the chips, potato chips eclipse, partial eclipse, total eclipse Apocalypse, ellipse resnips, snips, unsnips unships thrips

Careful!  Don't step in the Buffalo Chips!
You might think it's the Apocalypse.
People think weird stuff during an eclipse.
Just relax, cause soon we'll be having fish and chips...

Friday, November 20, 2015


2015 11 20 "Sip" #OW

Sip is to take a teeny-tiny little drink of something.

Sip looks like a slightly tilted glass.

Sip sounds like, "Slurp!"

Sip smells like more in the glass than in your mouth.

Sip feels like being all genteel-like...

Sip tastes like too little to taste.

Rhymes with Sip: sip skip scrip gymslip, cowslip, landslip, nonslip, sideslip, slip, underslip snip airstrip, bumper strip, outstrip, strip, unstrip, weathership thrip tip atrip, business trip, head trip, cantrip, pleasure trip, trip yip rezip, unzip, zip

Lemme have a sip!
C'mon, man, just a nip!
I got the DTs, got the yips!
Help me out -- I'm coming off a bad trip.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


2015 11 19 "Leadership" #OW

Leadership is tellin' other folks what to do.

Leadership looks like W. standing on a battleship in front of a "Mission Accomplished" banner after attacking the wrong country.

Leadership sounds like, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Leadership smells like adrenalin.

Leadership feels like being told what to do.

Leadership tastes like champagne and caviar.

Rhymes with Leadership: collectorship, commandership, companionship, comradeship, consortship, consulship, controllership, copartnership, courtship, cousinship, KL clanship, KR craftsmanship, creatorship, KW queenship, questorship, L ladyship, legislatorship, lectureship, librarianship, lightship, longship, lordship, M mayorship, marksmanship, marshalship, mastership, membership, Messiahship, midship, N neighborship, noviceship, O aldermanship, authorship, ownership, P paintership, partisanship, partnership, pastorship, penmanship, PR praetorship, preachership, prelateship, probationship, professorship, proprietorship, R rajahship, wranglership, rangership, readership, regentship, recordership

All hail yer Leadership!
You're not just on some power trip!
You're the one to right our ship!
It's not me telling you to calm down and get a grip!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


2015 11 18 "Quip" #OW

Quip is a short joke.

Rhymes with :  equip, reequip fat lip, harelip, lip underlip, upper lip catnip, nip, pogonip apple pip, pip rip, unrip A administratorship, agentship, acquaintanceship, amidship, apprenticeship, airship, heirship, archonship, B babyship, bachelorship, battleship, CH chairmanship, championship, chancellorship, chaplainship, chieftainship, churchmanship, D deaconship, demonship, DR draughtsmanship, E eldership, electorship, emperorship, ensignship, F farmership, fathership, fellowship, fireship, FL flagship, FR friendship, G guardianship, good-fellowship, governorship, H hardship, headship, J generalship, jockeyship, judgeship, justiceship, K cardinalship, kingship, kinship

Hey, if you don't like this one, I've got another quip
All part of my gamesmanship
All in fun, for good fellowship
If they're really THAT BAD, well, man, keep a stiff upper lip.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


2015 11 17 "Blip" #OW

Blip is a small irregularity on the radar.

Blip looks like a tiny little hard-to-identify thing.

Blip sounds like, "Blip!"

Blip smells like adrenaline, if it's the sign of a real problem.

Blip feels like a change of pace.

Blip tastes like something coming back up your throat.

Rhymes with Blip: bip chip dip, redip adrip, drip flip, sherry flip gip grip, grippe, handgrip, hairgrip hip, hyp, rosehip bullwhip, horsewhip, coachwhip, whip gip, gyp kip clip, reclip, inclip, unclip

Don't worry, it was just a blip
A slight dip
So you can loosen your hold on that handgrip
Trust me, I'm for real, not being flip...

Monday, November 16, 2015

The TaSK: Week Ending 2015 11 22

The home for The TaSK is here:

Here are the strips for this week (new strips may be added daily).  Please click on each individual image to view it at a larger (hopefully more readable) size.  Thank you for reading.

The TaSK: Books: Sam Phillips by Peter Guralnick 2015 11 18

The TaSK: Ideas: Long Shot, Mid Range, Close-Up 2015 11 17

2015 11 16 Ideas: Patton Oswalt Contemplates the Hero's Journey

The TaSK: Ideas: Ready for Anything 2015 11 16

The TaSK: Appreciatin': Cherie DeVille 2015 11 18

The TaSK: Appreciatin': Kota Sky 2015 11 17

The TaSK: Appreciatin': Riley Reid 2015 11 16


2015 11 16 "Linotype" #OW

Linotype is an old-timey machine used for printing newspapers.

Linotype looks like a big metal newspaper press.

Linotype sounds like gears grinding and papers going to press: LOUD!

Linotype smells like cheap newspaper and smelly ink.

Linotype feels like a heavy weight that could crush you easy.

Linotype tastes like ink and newsprint on newspaper.

Rhymes with Linotype: heliotype, holotype, J genotype, K karyotype, collotype, countertype, logotype, M megatype, monotype, O autotype, PR prototype, R retype, cyanotype, somatotype, subtype, ST stereotype, T teletype, tintype, type tripe prewipe, rewipe, unwipe, wipe, wype

Today you rarely see a Linotype
It's obsolete now, is the stereotype
That's fine with me, I don't have a gripe
Long as I get my news in a readable type!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


2015 11 15 "Bagpipe" #OW

Bagpipe is a Scottish wind instrument.

Bagpipe looks like a dude in a kilt holding a bag of pipes.

Bagpipe sounds like banshees moving through pipes and a bag.

Bagpipe smells like a heavy breather breathin' heavy.

Bagpipe feels like a funeral, cause that's when they're mostly played.

Bagpipe tastes like the previous bagpipers sweat and spit.

Rhymes with Bagpipe: blype gripe hipe, hype, overhype kipe clype Bagpipe BL blowpipe, D downpipe, drainpipe, H hornpipe, hawsepipe, I Indian pipe, L liripipe, P Panpipe, pitchpipe, pipe, ST standpipe, stovepipe, T tailpipe, W windpipe dead ripe, overripe, rareripe, ripe, underripe, unripe slype guttersnipe, jacksnipe, snipe stipe pinstripe, restripe, stripe, unstripe sideswipe, swipe A antitype, archetype, B biotype, D daguerrotype, E ectype, electrotype, F phenotype, phototype, GR graphotype

I'll never be the one playing the bagpipe
Just not the bagpiper archetype.
Not the stalwart dude blowin' the blowpipe.
Now if you need someone to eat a banana that's getting ripe...

Saturday, November 14, 2015


2015 11 14 "Skinflint" #OW

Skinflint: miser

Skinflint looks like Ebeneezer Scrooge at the beginning of A Christmas Carol.

Skinflint sounds like, "That's way too much!"

Skinflint smells like discount cologne.

Skinflint feels like putting too much value on money.

Skinflint tastes like cheap lunch buffets day after day.

Rhymes with Skinflint: bint dint flint, gunflint,  glint hint septuagint quint lint horsemint, calamint, catmint, calamint, mint, peppermint, sodamint, spearmint BL blueprint, F fingerprint, footprint, H hoofprint, I imprint, M microprint, misprint, N newsprint, O offprint, P palm print, S surprint, TH thumbprint, U unprint, V voiceprint, W woodprint asquint, squint splint, resplint, unsplint sprint, resprint stint suint aquatint, mezzotint, monotint tint Vint

Oh, why be a skinflint?
Can't you take a hint?
I want fine things and mint!
Or all you'll see of my is my footprint...
Walking away!

Friday, November 13, 2015


2015 11 13 "Wince" #OW

Wince is when you grimace because of pain or distress.

Wince looks like hunching and frowning and narrowing your eyes all at once against your own will.

Wince sounds like "D'oh!"

Wince smells like wet pants.

Wince feels like fear or pain.

Wince tastes like defeat.

Rhymes with Wince: blintz chinse, chintz quince mince Black Prince, fairy prince, frogprince, merchant prince, prince, studentprince, unprince rinse, rerinse, unrinse since evince, convince

I'm so sorry!  Didn't mean to make you wince!
Now you'll think I'm some Black Prince!
I'm really a good guy!  How can I convince?
I made you flinch that once, but never again since...

Thursday, November 12, 2015


2015 11 12 "Binge" #OW

Binge is when you overdo something in a short period of time.

Binge looks like a beer-gut dude lounging around drinking another 6-pack or 3...

Binge sounds like, "Burp!  'Scuse me!"

Binge smells like a vomitorium in August.

Binge feels like failure.

Binge tastes like too much lunch buffet...

Rhymes with Binge:  dinge befringe, fringe, infringe hinge, rehinge, unhinge whinge cringe impinge syringe singe scringe springe astringe, constinge, obstringe, perstringe swinge attinge, tinge atwinge, twinge

Oh, Lord, why'd I go on that binge?!
Just the THOUGHT OF IT makes me cringe!
And now my back gives me a twinge!
Is there a cure in some syringe?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The TaSK: Week Ending 2015 11 15

The home for The TaSK is here:

Here are the strips for this week (new strips may be added daily).  Please click on each individual image to view it at a larger (hopefully more readable) size.  Thank you for reading.

I've REDACTED some strips.  In two, I've replaced an individual's name with initials, because I believe it's FUNNIER that way.

In two strips where I included original artwork from which I derived my sketches, I redacted those images for 2 reasons:
1) I've been quite upfront that I'm not an artist, and see no reason to belabor the point, so I think ultimately it's a boring treadmill to show those images;
2) While I believe that including the images is covered on First Amendment growns as I did so for academic reasons, to demonstrate how my efforts are aided by GIMP, it could become problematic down the road as I collect the monthly strips into archives.

Thank you for understanding.