Wednesday, September 30, 2015


2015 09 30 "Spike" #OW

Spike is a sharp pointy stick, usually of metal.

Spike looks like a huge nail.

Spike sounds like a hammer striking metal.

Spike smells like electric sparks.

Spike feels like a hard, cold piece of metal.

Spike tastes like metal.

Rhymes with Spike: mike boardingpike, garpike, pike, pyke, turnpike Reich shrike psych, sike handspike, marlinspike, strike, ten-strike tyke trike

Did you want to talk to Mike, or Spike?
Mike's the nice one, the one you'd like.
Spike is fierce, like a killer shrike.
Oh, not Mike or Spike?  You want a pike?!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


2015 09 29 "Bike" #OW

Bike is a two-wheeled vehicle powered by pedals.

Bike looks like two wheels, a seat, and handlebars.

Bike sounds like playing cards striking the spokes of the wheels.

Bike smells like exercise.

Bike feels like the wind whistling in your hair.

Rhymes with Bike: Van Eyk minibike, motorbike dike, dyke, Klondike, Vandyke, Vandyck fike, fyke grike haik, Haikh, hike, hitchhike kike A alike, antlike, apelike, B belike, beelike, businesslike, BR brotherlike, CH childlike, D deathlike, dislike, doglike, DR dreamlike, G godlike, ghostlike, GL glasslike, H hairlike, homelike, husbandlike, J gemlike, K catlike, kinglike, KR Christlike, KW queenlike, L ladylike, lifelike, like, lookalike, M maidenlike, manlike, mislike, P peasantlike, piglike, R ratlike, S seedlike, swordlike, suchlike, susulike, SH sheeplike, SN snakelike, SP sportsmanlike, ST starlike, SW swanlike, U unalike, unlike, W warlike, wifelike, winglike, womanlike

I like my bike
It's gentlemanlike
I can ride my bike to where I hike
But a hike and a bike are nothing alike.

Monday, September 28, 2015


2015 09 28 "Average" #OW

An average is the central value in a set of data.

An average looks like the middle of a range of numbers.

Rhymes with Average: A acreage, anchorage, B beverage, BR brokerage, F foliage, fosterage, FL flowerage, H harborage, hemorrhage, K Coleridge, cooperage, coverage, KW quarterage, L leverage, lineage, O overage, P pastorage, pasturage, pilferage, porterage, PL plunderage, R ridge, S cellarage, seigneurage, sewerage, T telpherage, tutorage, U upridge, V vicarage, W waterage surplusage squidge smidgehospitage, clientage, parentage, pilotage, arbitrage

Oh, you're okay, a little average
Maybe you could be something special with a little tutorage
A nicer wardrobe, dress up just a smidge
I guess you're someone with whom I could share a beverage.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


2015 09 27 "Foliage" #OW

Foliage is green growing stuff, like bushes and shrubbery.

Foliage looks like a jungle in your front yard.

Foliage sounds like wind whistling through your mulberry bush.

Foliage smells like fresh country air.

Foliage feels like branches blocking your path.

Foliage tastes like grass.

Rhymes with Foliage: acreage, ferriage, image, lineage, verbiage, voyage abridge, bridge, rebridge, unbridge brigandage fidge saxifrage D diallage, E ensilage, F fortilage, K cartilage, curtilage, M mucilage, P pupilage, PR privilege, S sortilage, T tutelage, V vassalage image, midge, pilgrimage A alienage, appanage, B badinage, baronage, E espionage, G gallonage, K commonage, concubinage, M matronage, N nidge, O orphanage, P parsonage, patronage, peonage, personage, S siphonage, V villeinage, vicinage equipage

I was admiring your... foliage?
The turn of your... cartilage?
Is that the right verbiage?
Admiring you up close like this is such a privilege!

Saturday, September 26, 2015


2015 09 26 "Thimblerig" #OW

A thimblerig is a shell game.

A thimblerig looks like 3 card monty.

A thimblerig sounds like, "Find the queen!  Where's the pretty lady?  Easy money!"

A thimblerig smells like a homeless dude on a street corner fixing to take my money with sleight-of-hand.

A thimblerig feels like being outsmarted by a con artist.

A thimblerig tastes like disappointment.

Rhymes with thimblerig: prig outrig, rig, wrig, unrig cig snig spig sprig swig thig tig, tyg trig twig bewig, bigwig, earwig, whirliwig, periwig, wig, wysiwyg zig

Oh, it's a thimblerig!
The 3-card-monty man stole my money with a clever zig
I thought I could keep up with his con rig.
I bet he keeps the queen under his wig!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mr. Big

2015 09 25 "Mr. Big" #OW

Mr. Big is the top boss.

Mr. Big looks like the top dog.

Mr. Big sounds like, "What I say, goes, see..."

Mr. Big smells like fine Cuban cigars and whiskey.

Mr. Big feels like the boss.

Mr. Big tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Mr. Big: big, bigg, brig, brigg dif, infra, dig, shindig fig, honey fig, caprifig frig, Frigg fishgig, fizgig, gig, whirligig grig whig, Whig jig, majig, rejig, thingamajig crig nig, renege bushpig, guinea pig, male chauvinist pig, pig

They call him Mr. Big;
But really, he's just a little pig.
He built his reputation 'cause he's a whirligig.
But his luck's running out and he's headed for the brig.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


2015 09 24 "Gift" #OW

A gift is something someone gives to you, or vice versa.

A gift looks like a box with fancy wrapping paper and a bow.

A gift sounds like whatever noise the item inside the box makes when you shake it, or when you drop it and break it.

A gift smells like Christmas.

A gift feels like love in a box.

A gift tastes like fruit cake.

Rhymes with Gift: biffed adrift, drift, snowdrift, spindrift, spoondrift whiffed cliffed airlift, heli-lift, lift, ski lift, topping lift, uplift miffed rift blueshift, gearshift, makeshift, redshift, shift festschrift, short shrift, shrift, spiegelschrift resift, sift squiffed, unsquiffed sniffed spiffed chimney swift, swift, Tom Swift tift spendthrift, thrift

My cheesecake is a gift
Got it on sale like a spendthrift
Light and fluffy like a snowdrift
Better have a piece know or you'll feel you got the short shrift...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

John Wick 2

Coming in 2017...

This time it's personal!


2015 09 23 "Bindlestiff" #OW

Bindlestiff refers to a tramp or a hobo.

Bindlestiff looks like Charlie Chaplin in his silent movies.

Bindlestiff sounds like, "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

Bindlestiff smells like someone who bathes rarely.

Bindlestiff feels like a hand reaching out for your spare change.

Bindlestiff tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Bindlestiff: if biff handkerchief, neckerchief diff pfiff anaglyph, gliff, glyph, hieroglyph, lithoglyph, petroglyph griff, griffe, griph, hippogriff, logogriph whiff jiff kif cliff, undercliff quiff miff niff piff eriff, midriff, Rif, riff, Tenerife Sif skiff sniff spiff, lucky stiff, stiff positif, tiff, TIFF wiff ziff

Hey, bindlestiff!
Don't jump off that cliff!
I only let you BORROW my handkerchief!
Oh, golly gee, what's the diff?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Steak knife

2015 09 22 "Steak knife" #OW

A steak knife is a knife used at table for cutting steak.

A steak knife looks like

A steak knife sounds like

A steak knife smells like

A steak knife feels like

A steak knife tastes like

Rhymes with Steak knife: bowie knife, drawknife, jackknife, claspknife, knife, paperknife, penknife, pocketknife, rife, wakerife loosestrife, strife alewife, fishwife, goodwife, housewife, lairwife, midwife, oldwife, puddingwife, sweetiewife, wife

It sure would improve my life to have a good steak knife
I can't cut this steak with a paperknife
Oh, woe is me, my life is such strife
I guess I'll have to cut my steak with a Bowie knife.

Monday, September 21, 2015


2015 09 21 "Tid" #OW

Tid means 3 times a day.

Tid looks like breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Tid sounds like swallow... swallow... swallow.

Tid smells like cherry cough syrup.

Tid feels like trying to better when you're sick.

Tid tastes like medicine.

Rhymes with Tid: amid, mid, pyramid hominid, prehominid, serranid, cyprinid elapid rid Cid askid, skid, tailskid squid slid strid thrid, unthrid hydatid, chromatid, spermatid, eupatrid kid-vid

I was a little kid -- don't know what I did -- the doctor told me to take my medicine tid.
Looking back I can't even pronounce the name of the disease of which I was trying to get rid.
I got better -- I got worse -- I got better -- I slid.
Finally the medicine took hold and put on the illness breaks -- I got out of my skid.
Thanks, Doc!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


2015 09 20 "Eyelid" #OW

Eyelid is the skin covering that enables you to open or close your eyes.

Rhymes with Eyelid: id bid, forbid, outbid, overbid, rebid, unbid, underbid, unforbid colubrid chid athodyd, did, katydid, outdid, overdid, pyralidid, undid Madrid aphid, bifid, fid, quadrifid, multifid, trifid gid grid hid, rehid, unhid whid kid quid, tertium quid annelid, invalid, lid

I did I hid I closed my eyelid
I tried to take myself off the grid
I did a thing that couldn't be undid
What do I know?  I'm just a kid...

Saturday, September 19, 2015


2015 09 19 "Landslide" #OW

Landslide refers to an overwhelming electoral victory, or to the movement of dirt from a higher altitude to a lower altitude.

Landslide looks like a mountain falling on its side.

Landslide sounds like, "Oh, shit!"

Landslide smells like dirt.

Landslide feels like being crushed by dirt, trees, rocks, and broken homes.

Landslide tastes like mud pie.

Rhymes with Landslide: descried, escried, scride, scried, undescried backslide, slide snide espied, spied, respied, unspied astride, bestride, outstride, stride A Ascensciontide, B Bartholomewtide, betide, D dispeptide, E Eastertide, ebbtide, Embertide, eventide, F phosphatide, FL flood tide, H Hallowtide, high tide, HW Whitsuntide, KR Christmastide, L Lammastide, lee tide, low tide, M mercaptide, Michaelmastide, morning tide, N neap tide, noon tide, nucleotide, Allhallowtide, P Passiontide, peptide, polynucleotide, polypeptide, R retied, riptide, SH Shrovetide, SP springtide, T tide, tied, TW Twelfthtide, U unbetide, undertied, untied, W weathertide, Y Yuletide nitride, tried, untried, well-tried divide, provide, redivide, reprovide, subdivide countrywide, nationwide, citywide, statewide, wide, worldwide

She fell on me like a landslide
Don't fall on me!  I cried.
The waves of dirt washed over me like high tide.
She broke my heart, broke me till I died.

You Ken Name Your Band

Friday, September 18, 2015


2015 089 18 "Mountainside" #OW

Mountainside is the side of a mountain.

Mountainside looks like the parts of the mountain below the peak.

Mountainside sounds like, "Avalanche!"

Mountainside smells like fresh country air.

Mountainside feels like gravity pulling you down as you fall to your death.

Mountainside tastes like the dirt you eat when you trip and stumble.

Rhymes with Mountainside: multicide, N nearside, nematocide, nightside, nucleoside, O oxide, oceanside, offside, onside, autocide, outside, overside, P parasiticide, parenticide, parricide, patricide, peroxide pesticide, piscicide, Port Said, PR prophesied, prolecide, R regicide, reprophesied, ringside, riverside, rodenticide, S seaside, cephalocide, side, silicide, silverside, sororicide, subside, cervicide, suicide, superoxide, SL slickenside SP spermicide, ST stateside, stillicide, T taeniacide, tyrannicide, topside, TR trioxide, uxoricide, underside, unprophesied, upside, V vaticide, verbicide, vermicide, vulpicide, W waterside, wayside, weatherside

On the nearside of the mountainside
Hair lightened with peroxide I couldn't hide
Just like the lady prophesied as she sighed
Everyone saw me make my way topside as I got ready to ride the waterslide...

Thursday, September 17, 2015


2015 089 17 "Backside" #OW

Backside is one's posterior.

Backside looks like you from behind.

Backside sounds like thighs rubbing together.

Backside smells like sweat.

Backside feels like padding.

Backside tastes like ass.

Rhymes with Backside: aborticide, acaricide, algicide, alongside, aside, bactericide, Barmecide, bedside, beside, biocide, BL blindside, blind side, BR broadside, brookside, D decide, deicide, dimethysulphoxide, diopside, dissatisfied, downside, E ecocide, excide, epoxide, ethoxide, F facticide, felicide, feticide, filicide, fireside, foreside, fungicide, FL flip side, FR fratricide, GL glycoside, glucoside, H herbicide, heroicide, herpicide, Heaviside, hillside, hospiticide, hydroxide, hydrosulphide, homicide, I infanticide, insecticide, inside, ironside, J genocide, germicide, giganticide, K quayside, coincide, countryside, L lakeside, lapicide, larvicide, liberticide, M magnicide, Merseyside, methoxide, meticide, monoxide, monstricide

I'll show you my backside
To indicate my disapproval of genocide
If you are also agin it you may decide
to join my at my home in the countryside.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


2015 089 16 "Occupied" #OW

Occupied refers to a space that is inhabited by a person.

Occupied looks like a toilet stall with a closed door.

Occupied sounds like someone making their contribution to the circle of life.

Occupied smells like urine and excrement.

Occupied feels like you have to wait.

Rhymes with Occupied: pied, preoccupied, unoccupied applied, misapplied, multiplied, reapplied, replied, supplied, unapplied, unsupplied pride, self-pride A arride, B boride, D deride, dichloride, dioxide, disaccharide, deuteride, FL fluoride, H hydrochloride, KL chloride, M monosaccharide, N night-ride, nitride, O outride, override, R ride, S saccharide, T telluride, tetrachloride, TR trichloride, trisaccharide, Y ureide

With you my heart is occupied
The feelings grew and grew; they multiplied.
I really got into the feelings you supplied
But you're giving me love-diabetes with your emotional monosaccharide.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


2015 089 15 "Fried" #OW

Fried means cooked in a pan with oil.

Fried looks like greasy whatever covered in oily burnt flour.

Fried sounds like, "Szzzz..."

Fried smells like meat, oil, and flour..

Fried feels like lard hardening in your arteries.

Fried tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Fried: refried, unfried guide, guyed, misguide, waveguide glide gride aldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde, formaldehyde, hide, hied, horsehide, cowhide, oxhide, rawhide nuclide, ophicleide decried, cried acetanilide, acetylide, allied, belied, bolide, elide, collide, lied, misallied, unallied, unbelied bromide, nicotinamide, polyamide, cyanimide, sodamide, sulphanilamide, sulphonamide, tolbutamide actinide, arsenide, denied, ferrocyanide, socyanide, lanthanide, nide, platinocyanide, cyanide, uranide

I prefer grilled, not fried
And please... leave out the sulphanilamide
If it's beans, they're okay refried
But please don't serve me anything that's ever been in formaldehyde.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Bona fide

2015 089 14 "Bona fide" #OW

Bona fide means genuine.

Bona fide looks like a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Bona fide sounds like the Beatles.

Bona fide smells like fresh strawberries.

Bona fide feels like home.

Bona fide tastes like the Real Thing. (TM)

Rhymes with Bona fide: beatified, beautified, D defied, deified, dcalcified, dignified, dissatisfied, disulfide, diversified, dulcified, E edified, electrified, emulsified, F fortified, phosfide, FR fructified, GL glorified, GR gratified, I identified, intensified, J justified, K confide, countrified, KL classified, KR crucified, KW qualified, L liquefied, M magnified, mystified, modified, mollified, mortified, N notified, nullified, O ossified, overqualified, P pacified, petrified, purified, putrefied, R rarefied, ratified, rectified, revivified, S sanctified, saponified, satisfied, selfsatisfied, certified, citified, solidified, sulphide, SK scarified, scorified, SP specified, ST stultified, stupefied, STR stratified, T tepefied, terrified, testified, torrefied, tumefied, TR trisulfide

I'm keeping it real; I'm bona fide
My feelings for you have solidified.
My love is undeniable -- it won't be denied.
If I can't have you, I'll be... dissatisfied.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


2015 089 13 "Hawk-eyed" #OW

Hawk-eyed means to have very sharp vision.

Hawk-eyed looks like someone who can see details clearly for long distances.

Rhymes with Hawk-eyed: A almond-eyed, Argus-eyed, B buckeyed, BL black-eyed, blear-eyed, blueeyed, D dioxide, dove-eyed, dull-eyed, E eagle-eyed, evil-eyed, F full-eyed, G goggle-eyed, GR green-eyed, H hazel-eyed, I eyed, I’d, ide, K calf-eyed, cat-eyed, cockeyed, KL clear-eyed, KR crosseyed, L lynx-eyed, M meek-eyed, misty-eyed, monoxide, N narrow-eyed, O ox-eyed, oxide, openeyed, oroide, owl-eyed, P pale-eyed, peroxide, pie-eyed, pink-eyed, pop-eyed, R red-eyed, round-eyed, S soft-eyed, SKW squint-eyed, SL slant-eyed, sloe-eyed, SN snake-eyed, W wide-eyed, wall-eyed, Y yellow-eyed abide, bide, carbide bride, child bride chide died, dyed, double-dyed, iodide, redyed, tie-eyed, undyed  anhydride, dried, dryed, hydride, overdried, redried, underdried, undried

Not cockeyed!  Hawk-eyed!
At 500 paces I can tell if your shirt's dyed.
Read the label of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide
Tell you if that deer you shot is living or if it died...

Saturday, September 12, 2015


2015 089 12 "Sitch" #OW

Sitch refers to the situation.

Sitch looks like what's happening right now.

Sitch sounds like what's coming into your ears right now.

Sitch smells like adrenalin and sweat.

Sitch feels like something urgent that's going on.

Sitch tastes like whatever you're eating right now.

Rhymes with Sitch: itch bitch, sonofabitch britch ditch fitch flitch glitch hitch, unhitch which kitsch quitch lich miche, mitch niche overpitch, pitch enrich, rich, unrich sich skitch scritch smritch snitch backstitch, chainstitch featherstitch, hemstitch, whipstitch, catstitch, restitch, saddlestitch, seamstitch, stitch, unstitch switch, unswitch twitch czarevitch bewitch, witch

Look, here's the sitch:
I picked poison ivy, got an itch
It's real bad, I'm-a scratching a bitch
So to cover my hands with mud, I dug a ditch.

Friday, September 11, 2015


2015 089 11 "Crib" #OW

A crib is the place where you stay.

A crib looks like 4 walls and a roof.

A crib sounds like Barry White playing in the bedroom with the lights down low.

A crib smells like candles, incense, and cologne.

A crib feels like getting ready to get it on.

A crib tastes like a microwave dinner and a cold can of soda et in front of the TV.

Rhymes with crib: bib, bibb chib dib drib fib gib glib jib corncrib, quib ad lib, gay lib, lib, women’s lib nib midrib, sparerib, rib sib squib snib

Gonna step to my bad ride and cruise on back to my crib
Gonna strap on my lobster bib
Eat on some sparerib
Come with me, grrl, and we'll rap about women's lib...

Thursday, September 10, 2015


2015 09 10 "Describe" #OW

Describe means to sketch out the details of some person, event, or thing.

Describe looks like a police artist's sketch.

Describe sounds like, "yadda yadda yadda height weight age yadda yadda yadda..."

Describe smells like a fading memory.

Describe feels like reaching inside your own brain to put words to a memory.

Describe tastes like, "mmm, this sandwich is fucking delicious!"

Rhymes with : imbibe bribe gibe, gybe, jibe kibe A ascribe, E escribe, I inscribe, interscribe, K conscribe, P perscribe, PR prescribe, proscribe, S circumscribe, subscribe, superscribe, SKR scribe, TR transcribe diatribe, tribe vibe

I've got this feeling I can describe
Like the best part of me is feeling a vibe
Like a sensation I've got to write down like a scribe
To share this groove with the world, not just my tribe.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Blue sky

2015 09 09 "Blue sky" #OW

Blue sky is a clear sky during the day on Earth.

Blue sky looks like a clear sky with no clouds.

Blue sky sounds like fighter jets performing at a show.

Blue sky smells like daffodils and daisies.

Blue sky feels like limitless potential.

Blue sky tastes like cotton candy.

Rhymes with Blue sky: awry, caravanserai, wry, rye, samurai, serai cockshy, shy, unshy, workshy assai, prophesy, psi, scye, sigh, Versailles bluesky, ensky, cloudy sky, Skye descry, scry sly sny, snye bespy, counterspy, spatrify, spy, weatherspy spry, unspry pigsty, sty thigh, thy swy bowtie, hogtie, necktie, tie, Thai, untie atry, retry, try outvie, vie DKNY, wye, Y

Smiling faces!  Blue sky
Tasty Reuben! toasted rye
Forget my messy apartment! Pigsty
Make love in the tall grass!  I'm still spry


2015 09 08 "Pie" #OW

Pie is a dessert with a flaky crust and a fruit filling.

Pie looks like crust and fruit.

Pie sounds like lips smacking.

Pie smells like cherry or apple or pumpkin.

Pie feels like the flakiness of the crust and the warmth of the filling.

Pie tastes like pumpkin or sweet potato or apple or cherry...

Rhymes with Pie: akaakai, bronchi, haikai, chi, rocaille cly decry, descry, cry, outcry A alkali, ally, antalkali, B belie, D disally, F forlie, H jai alai, J July, K quillai, L lapis lazuli, lazuli, lie, lye, Lorelie, M misally, mislie, O outlie, overlie, R really, rely, U underlie, V vox populi demi, demy, haeremai, my alumnae, alumni, Anno Domini, decani, deny, Gemini, nigh, nye, redeny, termini apple pie, blackberry pie, espy, humble pie, magpie, mince pie, nanpie, occupy, peach pie, pi, porkpie, potpet, preoccupy, sea pie, shoofly pie, umble pie apply, imply, comply, misapply, multiply, oversupply, ply, reply, supply, undersupply pry, repry

She's sweet as potato pie
It's too bad she can't help but lie.
She wants to be good but she don't want to try.
She SAYS she'll be good but then she doesn't comply.

Monday, September 07, 2015


2015 09 07 "Butterfly" #OW

A butterfly is an insect with colorful wings, the adult form of the caterpillar.

A butterfly looks like the tattoo found on any young tramp's back.

A butterfly sounds like flapping gossamer wings.

A butterfly smells like flowers and poop.

A butterfly feels like a brittle ball of paper as you crush it on your hand.

A butterfly tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Butterfly: B bobfly, botfly, BL blackfly, blowfly, D damselfly, dobsonfly, DR dragonfly, F firefly, FL fly, G gadfly, gallfly, GR greenfly, H horsefly, housefly, K catchfly, M Mayfly, O outfly, overfly, S sandfly, SH shoofly, U underfly french fry, fry, small fry assegai, fall guy, gilgai, gilguy, guy, nilgei, wise guy Paraguay, Uruguay heigh, hi, hie, high, knee-high, on a high, riding high, shanghai, Shanghai, sky-high, ultrahigh wh, kowhai anthropophagi

A dream catcher dangling from the rear-view; a tattoo of a butterfly
A shapely ass that makes me say, "My, my, MY!"
A penchant for wasting her life on the wrong guy
Drug contacts that get her high, high, HIGH!
Her life will short and bright, like a firefly...

Sunday, September 06, 2015


2015 09 06 "Oversimplify" #OW

Oversimplify means to dumb a topic down too much.

Oversimplify looks like the Far Side cartoon with the punchline, "and then a miracle occurs."

Oversimplify sounds like a blowhard claiming he has the answer to a complicated social problem.

Oversimplify smells like, "someone shit on a Christmas tree."

Oversimplify feels like not being heard or understood.

Oversimplify tastes like a school lunch.

Rhymes with Oversimplify: nullify, O objectify, obstupefy, aurify, ossify, P pacify, personify, petrify, pinguefy, purify, putrefy, PL planefy, PR preachify, presignify, prettify, R ramify, rarefy, ratify, reify, regentrify, rectify, remodify, reunif, revivify, rigidify, rubify, S saccharify, saxify, salify, salsify, sanctify, sanguify, sanify sponify, satisfy, certify, sci-fi, signify, syllabify, simplify, citify, solemnify, solidify, subjectify, SF spherify, SK scarify, scorify, SP speechify, specify, ST steelify, stellify, stiltify, stultify, stupefy, STR stratify, T tabefy, tepefy, terrify, testify, typify, torpify, torrefy, tumefy, TR transmogrify, U uglify, V verify, versify, vilify, vitrify, vivify, Y unify

As usual, you oversimplify
You get it wrong when you speechify
You make things worse -- this won't rectify
And with the time you waste the problems start to putrify.

Saturday, September 05, 2015


2015 09 05 "Justify" #OW

Justify means to demonstrate the righteousness of an action.

Justify looks like

Justify sounds like

Justify smells like

Justify feels like

Justify tastes like

Rhymes with Justify: interstratify, J jellify gentrify, jollify, K calcify, carnify, casefy, codify, cockneyfy, chondrify, KL clarify, classify, KR crucify, KW qualify, quantify, L labefy, ladyfy, lapidify, lenify, lignify, liquefy, lubrify, M madefy, magnify, matrify, micrify, minify, mystify, mythify, modify, mollify, mortify, mummify, mundify, N Nazify, nidify, nigrify, nitrify, notify

You CLAIM it's do or die yet you do not justify
Why -- you just make mo' problems that you magnify
You're so destructive you truly mystify
In fact, why don't you get up out of here so I can enjoy my pie?

Friday, September 04, 2015


2015 09 04 "Dry" #OW

Dry means not wet.

Dry looks like clothes on the clothesline.

Dry sounds like a dryer spinning.

Dry smells like fresh laundry.

Dry feels like friction.

Dry tastes like Crunch Berries without milk.

Rhymes with Dry: bly ao dai, bedye, die, dye, do-or-die, overdye, redye, sine die, undye adry, high-and-dry A acrify, alacrify, alkalify, acetify, acidify, amplify, angelify, Anglify, arefy, argufy, B basify, beatify, bonify, beautify, BR brutify, CH churchify, D daintify, damnify, dandify, defy, dehumanify, deify, declassify, demystify, demythify, demulsify, denazify, detoxify, diabolify, dignify, disqualify, dissatisfy, diversify, divinify, dulcify, duplify, E edify, exemplify, electrify, emulsify, esterify, F falsify, fie, fie-fie, phi, fishify, fortify, FR Frenchify, fructify, G gasify, GL glorify, GR gratify, H hi-fi, horrify, humanify, humidify, humify, I identify, indemnify, intensify

The bottle is dry
So we can't get high
Yes, folks, we're trying to detoxify
My, my, my.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Naked eye

2015 09 03 "Naked eye" #OW

Naked eye is the eye unaided by corrective visual apparatus, such as glasses, a telescope, a microscope, and so on.

Naked eye looks like an eyeball straining to see.

Naked eye sounds like the muscle behind the eye working quietly.

Naked eye smells like your eyeball.

Naked eye feels like a wet ball.

Naked eye tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Naked eye: B bigeye, bindy-eye, buckeye, BL black eye, blind eye, D DUI, dead-eye, E eagle eye, evil eye, F fisheye, FR frog-eye, G goldeneye, goldeye, H Helvetii, I ai, ay, aye, eye, I, aye-aye, J genii, K cat’s eye, cockeye, M mooneye, nuclie, O oxeye, P peepeye, pinkeye, PR private eye, R radii, red-eye, S sock-eye, SH shiai, sheep’s-eye, shut-eye, T TMI, tiger’s-eye, W walleye, weather eye A alibi, B buy, by, bye, by-and-by, byebye, by-the-by, F flyby, forby, foreby, G go-by, goodbye, H hereby, hushaby, HW whereby, I incubi, L lullaby, N nearby, O overbuy, P passerby, R rabbi, rockaby, S syllabi, succubi, ST standby, stander-by, TH thereby, U underbuy

Ai-ay-I spy with my naked eye
Several scary passersby
Genii? Succubi?

Wednesday, September 02, 2015


2015 09 02 "Tweeze" #OW

Tweeze is to pluck hair from your eyebrows.

Tweeze looks like plucking hair in front of a mirror.

Tweeze sounds like, "Ow!"

Tweeze smells like pulled hair.

Tweeze feels like a short, sharp pain as the hair comes out.

Tweeze tastes like pain.

Rhymes with Tweeze: squeeze sleaze sneeze displease, pleas, please betise, D. T.’s, Maltese, tease, Socrates, sottise these  Genevese weeze disease

I don't mean to tease -- I like to watch you tweeze
'Cause it's a little thing you do just to please
Like saying, "God bless you," whenever I sneeze
But I swear I don't have a tweeze fetish -- that's not MY particular sleaze.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Bee’s knees

2015 09 01 "Bee’s knees" #OW

Bee’s knees is something pleasing.

Bee’s knees looks like an adorable little moppet with a big smile.

Bee’s knees sounds like, "You're a winner!"

Bee’s knees smells like a pretty flower.

Bee’s knees feels like a warm all-over contentness.

Bee’s knees tastes like honey.

Rhymes with Bee’s knees: A aborigines, Aragonese, Bolognese, CH Chinese, D Diogenes, H Havanese, J Japanese, Javanese, K Cantonese, chersonese, M manganese, Milanese, N knees, neese, neeze, nese, P pekinese, Pekinese, Pyrenees, Polonese, V Veronese, Viennese appease, peas, pease, trapeze displease, pleas, please imprese computerese, congeries, Navarrese, reeze, cerise, sububeres A analyses, antitheses, assise, D disseize, H hypothesese, I interstices, P periphrases, R reseize, S seas, sees, seize,syntheses, V vortices

Oh, she's the bee's knees!
I even love her little sneeze
The way she lisps when, she say, "Please,"
Her favorite food is anything Chinese.