Monday, August 31, 2015


2015 08 31 "Freeze" #OW

Freeze means to drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

Freeze looks like shivering and water turning into ice.

Freeze sounds like teeth chattering.

Freeze smells like a runny nose.

Freeze feels like clamoring for more layers of clothing.

Freeze tastes like ice cream.

Rhymes with Freeze: antifreeze, enfreeze, frieze, nuclear freeze, cheval de frise, unfreeze koksaghyz, Portuguese grease heeze, he’s wheeze jeez quais, keys, marquise Androcles, Damocles, Periclese B Belize, Bengalese, H Hercules, I isosceles, J journalese, K cablese, L leas, lees, M Mephistopheles, N Nepalese, S Senegalese, Singhalese, T Tyrolese, V valise acadamese, Annamese, Assamese, Burmese, demise, camise, mease, mise, remise, chemise, Siamese

Oh, jeez!  I'm gonna freeze!
It's like there's no pants covering my knees!
It's hard to breathe -- hear me wheeze.
Let me into the warm house -- where are my keys?!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


2015 08 30 "Fleas" #OW

Fleas are tiny little parasites that get on dogs and cats and then invade your house.

Fleas look like disgusting little bugs.

Fleas sound like, "Aaagh!  Get these fleas off me!"

Fleas smell like vomit and doo-doo.

Fleas feel like millions of tiny little itchers.

Fleas taste like chicken.

Rhymes with Fleas: ease, heartsease, unease bise breeze, land breeze, sea breeze cheese, Big Cheese, head cheese, nipcheese, Swiss cheese (etc.) antipodes, Atlantides, BVD’s, galliardise, Hesperides, Caryatides, Maimonides, Pleiades, tiddledies,Eumenides feaze, feeze

These... fleas!
Biting me and giving me a general sense of ease
Do they have fleas in the Pleiades?
I hate when fleas ruin my Swiss cheese.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


2015 08 29 "Weave" #OW

Weave means to make textiles out of thread.

Weave looks like a machine-made shirt or pair of pants.

Weave sounds like needles and thread working on a loom.

Weave smells like industrial solvents in a textile factory.

Weave feels like cotton or polyester blend.

Weave tastes like clothes.

Rhymes with Weave: reprieve, unreprieve bereave, portreeve, reave, reeve, reve A apperceive, D deceive, K conceive, M misconceive, P perceive, PR preconceive, preperceive, R reconceive, reperceive, receive, S seave, U undeceive sheave screeve shirtsleeve, sleave, sleeve steeve recitative thieve retrieve qui vive interweave, inweave, reweave, unweave, we’ve

My sheets have a high thread-count, they're an impressive weave
Maybe 500 or a thousand -- I don't mean to deceive
They're so comfortable they'd make an awesome shirtsleeve
It may be better to give, but sheets like these I'm glad to receive.

Friday, August 28, 2015


2015 08 28 "Peeve" #OW

Peeve is something that annoys you.

Peeve looks like a little kid sticking his tongue out at you.

Peeve sounds like a loud car alarm at 3 am.

Peeve smells like skunk.

Peeve feels like a migraine that won't go away.

Peeve tastes like circus peanuts.

Rhymes with Peeve: eave, eve, Eve, Christmas Eve, naive, New Year’s Eve, yestereve beeve breve, semibreve achieve, cheve, overachieve, underachieve deave, Khedive aggrieve, greave, grieve, Congreve heave, upheave keeve cleave, cleeve, cleve, uncleave queeve believe, disbelieve, interleave, leave, lieve, make-believe, relieve, unbelieve nieve Peeve

Eve, my pet, you're my pet peeve
I'm glad when you first come but you never seem to leave
It's the little things you do that so aggrieve
But I love if you to death, if you can believe.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


2015 08 27 "Death" #OW

Death is the permanent sessation of life activities.

Death looks like a skull and random bones.

Death sounds like, "I'm melting!  I'm MELTING!"

Death smells like mold, worms and decay.

Death feels like a bummer.

Death tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Death: eightieth, fiftieth, fortieth, ninetieth, seventieth, sixtieth, thirtieth, twentieth Macbeth breath megadeath shibboleth meth isopleth saith, seth

Some say life begins at Death
"At Death, Life Begineth!"
Others say you haven't lived until you've reached your fortieth
I say, to appreciate life, you should really see a good performance of...
the Scottish play.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


2015 08 26 "Unsheathe" #OW

To unsheathe is to remove an item from its case.

To unsheathe looks like pulling a gun out of its holster.

To unsheathe sounds like the scraping of the knife blade on leather.

To unsheathe smells like adrenaline pumping as you get ready to fight.

To unsheathe feels like getting ready for battle.

To unsheathe tastes like blood and copper.

Rhymes with unsheathe: breathe, imbreathe, inbreathe, outbreathe bequeath, quethe enwreathe, wreathe seethe sheathe, ensheathe, smeeth teethe

You'll regret making me unsheathe
For what little time you've got left to breathe
Hope you made a will and worked what to whom to bequeath
And some likes you well enough to adorn your tomb with a wreath.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


2015 08 25 "Heath" #OW

A heath is an open pasture.

A heath looks like a grassy field.

A heath sounds like children playing in the open air.

A heath smells like fresh country air.

A heath feels like grass, dirt, and open sky.

A heath tastes like dirt and dandelions.

Rhymes with Heath: ythe hadith bequeath philalethe beneath, neath, ’neath, underneath sheath sneath, sneeth wreath sheath eyeteeth, monteith, teeth

You'll find her playing in the heath
Picking flowers and making a wreath
Using straw grass to pick her teeth
Or look to the shady tree where you'll find her underneath.

Monday, August 24, 2015


2015 08 24 "Ricochet" #OW

Ricochet refers to an object striking a surface and continuing onward.

Ricochet looks like a billiard ball bouncing around the edges of the table.

Ricochet sounds like, "PEW! PEW! PEW! Pew! pew! pew..."

Ricochet smells like burning gunpowder.

Ricochet feels like momentum.

Ricochet tastes like broken teeth.

Rhymes with Ricochet: brochette, flechette, fourchette, couchette, clochette, planchet, planchette, plushette, pochette, ricochet, shet, trebuchet sket stet sweat quartet, quintet, motet, octet, septet, sestet, sextet, tête-a-tête epithet threat, triple threat tret brevet, corvette, curvet, cuvette, minivet, olivet, revet, vet Viet all wet, bewet, unwet, wet lorgnette, nyet, oreillet, paillette, vignette, vilayet, yet, yette  anisette, gazette, grisette, crepe suzette, marmoset, musette, noisette, rosette, chemisette

Check out my ricochet!
 I could keep this up all day!
First this and then that way
I must say I like to play.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


2015 08 23 "Bachelorette" #OW

Bachelorette refers to an unmarried woman.

A bachelorette looks like a pretty young thing with no wedding ring.

A bachelorette sounds like, "To be honest, I'm looking for a husband," or, "I don't need a MAN to DEFINE ME!"

A bachelorette smells like young woman's perfume.

A bachelorette feels like soft shoulders and warm lips.

A bachelorette tastes like cotton candy.

Rhymes with Bachelorette: A amourette, anchoret, banneret, barrette, burette, F farmerette, formeret, FL fleurette, floweret, I imaret, K collaret, curet, curette, L lazaret, lenneret, leatherette, leveret, Launderette, M majorette, minaret, P Pierrette, pillaret, R ret, S cellaret, cigarette, solleret, SH chevrette, SP spinneret, SW swimmeret, T tabaret, taboret, U usherette A anisette, asset, avocet, B backset, beset, boneset, D dancette, dead set, deepset, F facette, farset, film set, forset, fossette, photoset, H handset, headset, I illset, inset, interset, K cassette, KR crossette, crystal set, KW quickset, letterset, M marquisette, marmoset, moonset, musette, O offset, onset, outset, overset, P pincette, poussette, R reset, S salicet, set, sett, scilicet, somerset, Somerset, subset, sunset, SH sharp-set, chemisette, M smart set, T typeset, TH thick-set, U underset, unset, upset, V videlicet

Darlin', you are ONE HELL of a bachelorette
I gotta tell you, you're one filly I'd LOVE to get
I don't care if you put your hair up in pig tails or you use a barrette
Dress up like a cheerleader or a cute little majorette
I wouldn't kick you out of bed (unless you ate crackers, or smoked a cigarette).

Saturday, August 22, 2015


2015 08 22 "Kismet" #OW

Kismet refers to fate or chance.

Kismet looks like the stars aligning.

Kismet sounds like a heavenly chorus.

Kismet smells like angel farts.

Kismet feels like being struck by Cupid's arrow.

Kismet tastes like angel food cake.

Rhymes with Kismet: allumette, fumette, calumet, met, Met, plumette, well-met  A alkanet, B ballonet, baronet, bassinet, bayonet, benet, bobbinet, burgonet, BR brunette, D dinette, dragnet, F falconet, fishnet, H hairnet, J genet, K canzonet, carcanet, castanet, kitchenette, cornet, coronet, KL clarinet, L lansquenet, lorgnette, luncheonette, lunette, M marionette, martinet, maisonette, midinette, mignonette, minionette, mosquito net, N net, nonet, P pianette, R remanet, S sarcenet, saxcornet, satinet, SH chansonette, ST stockinet, T tabinet, tournette, V vignette, villanette, W wagonette parapet, pet, pipette, salopette pret

Some might call it Kismet
I call it the night we met
Now you're my favorite pet
And the story of our meeting is my favorite vignette.

Friday, August 21, 2015


2015 08 21 "Tourniquet" #OW

A tourniquet is a device used to cut off blood flow to an injured limb to preserve life.

A tourniquet looks like a strip of cloth or rubber tied around an arm or a leg above the injured area.

A tourniquet sounds like, "Ow!   Am I going to lose my leg?!"

A tourniquet smells like blood, sweat and tears.

A tourniquet feels like a tight rope cutting off your blood circulation as you go into shock.

A tourniquet tastes like blood.

Rhymes with Tourniquet: baguet, baguette, beget, forget, get, misbeget, unget aigrette, egret, regret, vinaigrette het whet fanjet, jet, georgette, jumbo jet, rainjet, suffragette, turbojet B banquette, BL blanquette, BR briquette, D diskette, E enquete, etiquette, J jockette, K casquette, ket, khet, coquet, coquette, KR croquette, M maquette, moquette, P paroket, piquet, PL plaquette, R Rockette, SN snackette, T tourniquet quet A ailette, alette, amulet, BR briolette, E aiguillette, epaulet, FL flageolet, flannelette, G galette, GL globulet, I inlet, K cassolette, Colette, coverlet, L landaulet, let, Lett, M mantelet, martlet, medalet, N novelette, O omelet, oreillet, outlet, R rigolette, rivulet, rondolet, roulette, S sublet, SK squelette, T toilette, TR triolet, V violet, Z zonulet

You smother me like a tourniquet!
At first you were gentle as a shy coquette
But now your grip's so tight my skin's turnin' violet
I'd've loved to love you, but, gal, you'd best get!


2015 08 20 "Statuette" #OW

A statuette is a miniature statue for your desktop or mantle.

A statuette looks like a tiny replica of a famous statue.

A statuette sounds like heavy stone striking the floor as it shatters.

A statuette smells like marble (or cheap plastic).

A statuette feels like a heavy weight in your hand.

A statuette tastes like stone or cheap plastic.

Rhymes with Statuette: ariette, D duet, E et, H historiette, L lariat, layette, M minuet, O oubliette, P pirouette, S serviette, silhouette, storiette, W winceyette abet, alphabet, barbette, bet, quodlibet, Tibet blet bret, soubrette, umbrette bidet, debt, indebt, judgment debt, cadet, muscadet, vedette estafette, fet, fète, mofette, nymphet, Tophet flet fret, frett, frette, interfret

I don't regret the way I got that statuette
It looks great on my mantle with a strong silhouette
It cost a few thousand and put me in debt
I plan to buy it's mate so I'll have a statuette duet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Easy street

2015 08 19 "Easy street" #OW

Easy street refers to a life of comfort and prosperity.

Easy street looks like a tycoon rolling around in his money.

Easy street sounds like the life for me.

Easy street smells like fancy cologne.

Easy street feels like freedom from distress.

Easy street tastes like buttered toast.

Rhymes with Easy street: backstreet, bystreet, downstreet, estreat, street, upstreet bittersweet, bridal suite, honeysweet, mansuete, meadowsweet, presidential suite, royal suite, sunnysweet, suite, sweet, unsweet petite, teat aesthete, thesmotheteT Dutch treat, entreat, estreat, illtreat,maltreat, mistreat, retreat, treat tweet aquavit peetweet, weet carte de visite

I was never cursed with a life on easy street
Never found out first-hand if it was all that sweet
If we go for dinner it'll have to be Dutch treat
And trust me, we won't be staying in the presidential suite.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


2015 08 18 "Receipt" #OW

A receipt is a piece paper indicating payment for goods or services.

A receipt  looks like a little white piece of paper.

A receipt sounds like a tiny printer grinding out the numbers as they are printed.

A receipt smells like paper.

A receipt feels like a little piece of paper perfect for crumpling up and throwing away.

A receipt tastes like thin pizza crust.

Rhymes with Receipt: deplete, incomplete, complete, pleat, replete, uncomplete afreet, marguerite, Masorete, terete D deceit, disseat, I inficete, J judgment seat, K catbird seat, conceit, county seat, country seat, M mercy seat, PR preconceit, reseat, S cete, Cete, seat, self-deceit, self-conceit, U unseat balance sheet, broadsheet, dustsheet, foresheet, freesheet, groundsheet, clipsheet, mainsheet, sheet, slipsheet, winding sheet skeet, skete sleet

Be sure to keep your receipt
Turn it in to Accounting so they can enter it into the broadsheet
And be sure they'll check it out looking for any signs of deceit
You won't be reimbursed until process is complete.

Monday, August 17, 2015


2015 08 17 "Heat" #OW

Heat is the excitation of molecules that creates warmth.

Heat looks like a pretty woman in a bikini.

Heat sounds like flames crackling on an open fire.

Heat smells like too much sweat.

Heat feels like burning.

Heat tastes like sriracha sauce on ice cream.

Rhymes with Heat: dead heat, overheat, preheat, reheat, superheat, underheat, unheat buckwheat, wholewheat, wheat exegete, munjeet, vegete keet, lorrikeet, mesquite, parakeet, polychaete, spirochete cleat, cleete, paraclete accrete, discreet, discrete, excrete, indiscreet, concrete, Crete, secrete queet athlete, delete, elite, leat, leet, obsolete dead meat, forcemeat, fresh meat, gamete, helpmeet, meat, meet, mete, mincemeat, pigmeat, raw meat, sweetmeat, unmeet neat, proxenete compete, peat, repeat

It's the humidity, not the heat
It's the humidity, not the heat
Should I say it again?  Do you want me to repeat
Then shut the fuck up and take seat
If you would fan me, that would be neat.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


2015 08 16 "Downbeat" #OW

Downbeat means depressed.

Downbeat looks like looking at your shoes.

Downbeat sounds like thud.

Downbeat smells like a diaper that needs to be changed.

Downbeat feels like losing.

Downbeat tastes like Wonder bread.

Rhymes with Downbeat: eat, overeat, undereat beat, beet, browbeat, deadbeat, drumbeat, heartbeat, offbeat, sugar beet, upbeat bleat cheat, cheet, escheat, recheat defeat, effete, feat, feet, Lafitte fleet afreet, freit gleet greet, congreet

Don't mean to be downbeat
Wanna make you move your feet
Make your body hot, raise the heat
Get you going, increase your heartbeat.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


2015 08 15 "Raven-tressed" #OW

Raven-tressed means having black hair.

Raven-tressed looks like Betty Boop or Snow White.

Raven-tressed sounds like, "Ca-caw!  Ca-caw!"

Raven-tressed smells like, "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific."

Raven-tressed feels like silky smooth hair.

Raven-tressed tastes like hair.

Rhymes with Raven-tressed: attest, detest, contest, obtest, pretest, protest, retest, test golden-tressed, tressed, untressed devest, divest, effervesced, invest, reinvest, revest, undervest, vest Key West, midwest, northwest, southwest, west yessed dispossessed, possessed, prepossessed, repossessed, self-possessed, unprepossessed, unpossessed, zest

Would you like me better if I were Raven-tressed?
What if I were fancy-dressed?
It don't bother me, I'm not stressed
There's plenty other birds in the North, South, East and West...

Friday, August 14, 2015


2015 08 14 "Obsessed" #OW

To be obsessed is to think or feel unceasingly about some thing or person to the exclusion of all else.

Obsessed looks like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Obsessed sounds like the stinger notes from Psycho.

Obsessed smells like Obsession by Calvin Klein.

Obsessed feels like being controlled by the alien space signals that penetrated your brain the day your tin foil hat was blown off your head by the wind, or by alien space gusts.

Obsessed tastes like chocolate chocolate chocolate.

Rhymes with Obsessed: alceste, assessed, incest, palimpsest, reassessed, recessed, cessed, unassessed distressed, overstressed, prestressed, stressed, unstressed attest, detest, contest, obtest, pretest, protest, retest, test golden-tressed, raven-tressed, tressed, untressed

You seem obsessed
Oh, don't protest
I admit I'm also impressed
That chick has one hell of a nice chest!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


2015 08 13 "Armrest" #OW

Armrest is part of a chair for resting your arm.

Armrest looks like an L attached to a chair.

Armrest sounds like the suction sound as a sweaty arm makes or breaks contact with the rest.

Armrest smells like sweat, stale popcorn and soda.

Armrest feels like the chewing gum the last person left for you to touch unawares.

Armrest tastes like stale popcorn and ABC gum.

Rhymes with Armrest: A appressed, D depressed, I impressed, imprest, K compressed, O oppressed, PR pressed, R recompressed, repressed, S suppressed, U unimpressed, uncompressed, unpressed, unsuppressed  arrest, B bookrest, Bucharest, D disinterest, E effloresced, Everest, F footrest, phosphoresced, FL fluoresced, H headrest, I interest, K caressed, N kniferest, O au reste, R rest,wrest, U uninteressed, uninterest, unrest

I should have guessed before I touched that armrest
That there'd be a guest left for me by the previous guest
What is that?  Old gum?  I'm not impressed.
I'll scrape it off my fingers, put it in the trash, and file this memory under repressed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beau geste

2015 08 12 "beau geste" #OW

Beau geste refers to a noble and generous act.

Beau geste looks like a soldier diving on a grenade to save her comrades.

Beau geste sounds like the opening to "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

Beau geste smells like a rose.

Beau geste feels like victory.

Beau geste tastes like the Ben & Jerry's my friend and I bought with the 5 bucks a lady gave us for giving her directions.

Rhymes with Beau geste: alkahest, behest, hest almagest, digest, egest, ingest, gest, geste, jest, congest, predigest, redigest, suggest firecrest, goldcrest, increst, crest, undercrest acquest, bequest, deliquesced, inquest, quest, request coalesced, convalesced, lest, molest, opalesced, recalesced, celeste messed, unmessed funeste, luminesced, nest anapest, Budapest, impest, rinderpest, pest

At your behest I'll perform a beau geste
I'll chase off that barking dog that's such a pest
Are you happy now that I've accomplished your request?
I'm hungry now so fix me a dinner that fit for me to ingest...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


2015 08 11 "Dressed" #OW

Dressed means wearing clothes.

Dressed looks like a formerly nude person no longer nude.

Dressed sounds like the friction from the fabric of your pants as you walk.

Dressed smells like fresh cologne.

Dressed feels like being all fancy, wearing clothes and all.

Dressed tastes like lettuce with oil and vinegar on top.

Rhymes with Dressed: addressed, overdressed, readdressed, redressed, underdressed, well-dressed, undressed, unredressed disinfest, fessed, fest, gabfest, infest, confessed, counterfressed, manifest guessed, guest, unguessed digressed, progressed, regressed, retrogressed, transgressed

I was so stressed I nearly forgot to get dressed
I've never been so rudely treated as a guest
I'm calling out my host, saying they transgressed
What did they do?  Haven't you guessed?

Monday, August 10, 2015


2015 08 10 "Second-best" #OW

Second-best is the one behind first place.

Second-best looks like a silver medal.

Second-best sounds like, "Oh!  So close!"

Second-best smells like first place's ass.

Second-best feels like the agony of defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

Second-best tastes like cold pizza.

Rhymes with Second-best: acquiesced, EST, SOS-ed, Trieste, best, second-best blessed, blest, unblessed, unblest abreast, blackbreast, breast, Brest, redbreast, unbreast chest incandesced

Always a brides-maid, always second-best
Condemned to be a well-wisher, cheering those more blessed
Never getting there first for the treasure chest
Feels like you'll be second-best until your final rest.

Sunday, August 09, 2015


2015 08 09 "Piste" #OW

Piste is a ski run of compacted snow.

Piste looks like dense white powder on a mountain.

Piste sounds like, "whoosh!" as you accelerate.

Piste smells like cold mountain air numbing your face.

Piste feels like hitting a patch of snow where you suddenly speed up.

Piste tastes like frozen water.

Rhymes with : aubergiste keest decreased, increased, recreased, uncreased queest leased, least, overpoliced, policed, released, subleased, underpoliced, unleased pieced, repieced archpriest, priest, unpriest deceased, ceased sneest artiste, batiste, teest arriviste yeast

Call me a priest of the piste
Amazed as my speed increased
On the slopes a ski artiste
If I hit a tree at this speed I'll be deceased

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Wedding feast

2015 08 08 "Wedding feast" #OW

Wedding feast refers to the meal served at a wedding reception.

Wedding feast looks like plates of chicken and vegetables.

Wedding feast sounds like a drunken best man toasting the bride and groom.

Wedding feast smells like a collage of cologne and perfume.

Wedding feast feels like a celebration.

Wedding feast tastes like chicken and wedding cake.

Rhymes with Wedding feast: east, northeast, southeast beast, hartebeest, wildebeest modiste beanfeast, feast, harvest feast, fleeced, unfleeced geest greased, regreased, ungreased

It was a fabulous wedding feast!
Best in all the North-West-South-East!
To get out the door the fat folks had to be greased
Afterwards you'd have thought the buffet table had been attacked by a rampaging wildebeest.

Friday, August 07, 2015


2015 08 07 "Rubenesque" #OW

Rubenesque refers to a big-boned gal.

Rubenesque looks like a painting by Rubens.

Rubenesque sounds like BOOM-chicka-BOOM, BOOM-chicka-BOOM, BOOM-chicka-BOOM!

Rubenesque smells like Cheetos.

Rubenesque feels like deep quicksand.

Rubenesque tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Rubenesque: Junoesque, Kafkaesque, statuesque arabesque desk, reading desk, writing desk burlesque, naturalesque Romanesque barbaresque, humoresque,Moresque, picaresque, picturesque, plateresque, chivalresque, sculpturesque blottesque, Dantesque, grotesque, gigantesque, soldatesque

Don't think it's a dig to be called Rubenesque
Lots of men find a girl who's Rubenesque to be a pleasure chest
They'd pay extra to find YOU doing a burlesque
All that extra you got going on is rather picturesque.

Thursday, August 06, 2015


2015 08 06 "Flesh" #OW

Flesh is skin.

Flesh looks like the outside of  your body.

Flesh sounds like the sounds you make when you make contact with your environment.

Flesh smells like uncooked bacon.

Flesh feels like warm, flexible rubber.

Flesh tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Flesh: bobêche, tête-bêche Bangladesh deflesh, flèche, horseflesh, parfleche afresh, fresh, refresh, unfresh geas Marrakesh crèche calèche enmesh, intermesh, mesh, syncromesh, unmesh nesh secesh rethresh, thresh

Folks in Bangladesh got flesh
My little pony's got horseflesh
Sometimes your flesh smells not-so-fresh
So, take a shower when you want to intermesh!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


2015 08 05 "Quiche" #OW

Quiche is a pie based on eggs.

Quiche looks like a yellow pie.

Quiche sounds like a pie baking in the oven then quickly eaten because it's so delicious.

Quiche smells like eggs, bacon, and spinach.

Quiche feels like egg pie.

Quiche tastes like egg pie.

Rhymes with Quiche: babiche affiche, fiche, microfiche, ultrafiche leash, releash, unleash miche corniche, niche capeesh nouveau riche hashish, sheesh sneesh pastiche, postiche, potiche, schottische

I admit I ate that quiche
At least I didn't smuggle microfiche
Or paint a nude nipple pastiche

Tuesday, August 04, 2015


2015 08 04 "Stress" #OW

Stress is a pulling at your nerves due to worry.

Stress looks like a nervous girl pulling at her hair.

Stress sounds like fingernails on chalk board.

Stress smells like flop sweat.

Stress feels like too much adrenaline too much of the time.

Stress tastes like the blood from biting your lip too hard.

Rhymes with Stress: overstress, prestress, understress giantess, poetess, politesse ancestress, distress, editress, executress, idolatress, inheritress, comfortress, ministress, monitress, tress, votress effervesce yes dispossess, possess, prepossess, repossess

Agh!  Ack!  Stress
Like being chased by an angry giantess
Losing my cool, of my cool being dispossessed
Sitting in my easy chair feeling comfortless.

Monday, August 03, 2015


2015 08 03 "Success" #OW

Success means to accomplish your goals.

Success looks like a gold medalist.

Success sounds like, "Victory!"

Success smells like teen spirit.

Success feels like racing ahead of the pack.

Success tastes like champagne and caviar.

Rhymes with Success: decompress, depress, express, impress, compress, letterpress, oppress, press, recompress, repress, suppress, winepress archeress, duress, effloresce, fluoresce, phosphoresce, caress, manageress, votaress abscess, access, assess, cess, excess, obsess, precess, princess, process, reassess, recess, sess

Well, if you came to impress then your dress is a success!!
Let me take your photograph with this here smartphone (I don't have a press)
Let me coax you out of those clothes with my gentle caress
My tender feelings for you are making me hard to excess.

Sunday, August 02, 2015


2015 08 02 "Less" #OW

Less denotes a decrease.

Less looks like I have two donuts and eat one.

Less sounds like your yapping getting quieter as you walk away.

Less smells like one squirt of the cologne sprayer instead of two.

Less feels like dropping a heavy sack and feeling 50 pounds lighter.

Less tastes like Diet Dr. Pepper.

Rhymes with Less: accresce, cress, mustard cress, pennycress, water cress deliquesce, liquesce coalesce, convalesce, less, nevertheless, nonetheless, obsolesce, opalesce, recalesce, reconvalesce, unless intumesce, kermes, mess, tumesce baroness, Dungeness, evanesce, finesse, canoness, luminesce, nes, ness, Ness, pythoness, rejuvenesce  compesce, satrapess

I'm willing to admit I like you, more or less
I like you more when you're outta that dress
And you're a wildcat in bed I must confess
In other words, you're the gal for me, I guess.

Saturday, August 01, 2015


2015 08 01 "SOS" #OW

SOS, meaning, "Save Our Ship," is a distress signal.

SOS looks like three dots, three dashes, three dots, or vice versa.

SOS sounds like, "beep beep beep beeeep beeeep beeeep beep beep beep."

SOS smells like trouble.

SOS feels like an adrenaline rush.

SOS tastes like blood rushing through your tongue as you get ready for fight or flight.

Rhymes with SOS: acquiesce, Es, s, SOS, quiesce, CBS bes, Bes, bouillabaisse bless, noblesse, rebless, unbless chess DRES A address, ambassadress, D diving dress, DR dress, F full dress, G gala dress, H headdress, M maladdress, N nightdress, O overdress, R readdress, redress, sundress, U underdress, undress fess, ’fess, fesse, confess, profess foreguess, guess, reguess aggress, digress, egress, ingress, congress, regress, retrogress, transgress Hesse jess, largess

I rushed over when I got your SOS
To find some random guy with you half in your party dress
So now is it you or me who's in greater distress?
I should just go but now I'm in this mess.