Tuesday, June 30, 2015


2015 06 30 "Philhellene" #OW

Philhellene is a lover of Greece and Greek culture.

Philhellene looks like anybody who has a hankering for Greece.

Philhellene sounds like someone faking a Greek accent and getting all excited about the Coliseum.

Philhellene smells like armpit hair.

Philhellene feels like a Luddite intellectual.

Philhellene tastes like a gyro made from chicken meat.

Rhymes with Philhellene: A anilene, B baleen, bandoline, G gasoline, Ghibelline, H Hellene, K choline, colleen, KR crinoline, L lean, lien, M magdalene, malines, moulleen, mousseline, N naphthalene, O opaline, PR praline, proline, SK scalene, SKW squalene, T tourmaline, TH phthalein, U uplean, V valine, vaseline amine, ammine, amphetamine, bellarmine, bromine, bemean, dexemphetamine, demean, demesne, dopamine, methamphetamine, physostigmene, gamine, imine, mean, mesne, mien, misdemean, spodumine Lenin, mavourneen, mezzanine, quinine, shoneen, cyanine, strychnine, torpinene

I like a good Gyro but I'm no Philhellene
And baklava too but that don't mean it's Greek I lean
I'm just a dude who appreciates a good spanikopita and a cute colleen
So chill out -- let me be -- don't be mean!

Monday, June 29, 2015


2015 06 29 "Buckeen" #OW

Buckeen is, "(in Ireland) a poor young man who aspires to the habits and dress of the wealthy." (See dictionary.reference.com)

Buckeen looks like a poor dude with fancy clothes.

Buckeen sounds like, "Wut ho, guv'nor!"

Buckeen smells like expensive cologne masking the smell of French fries.

Buckeen feels like something's not quite right.

Buckeen tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Buckeen: achene, damaskene, keen, nankeen, palankeen, palanquin, sakeen, takin, Tolkien clean, come clean, Mr. Clean, super-clean, ultraclean, unclean Hippocrene closet queen, cuckquean, quean, queen

He's poor but a sharp-dressed buckeen
He's got no money but looks fit for a queen
He's got upward mobility on his mind, he'd tell you if ever he came clean.
Women, beware, if you fall for him, he'll make you a cuckquean.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


2015 06 28 "Hygiene" #OW

Hygiene refers to cleanliness.

Hygiene looks like a fit and trim person brushing her teeth.

Hygiene sounds like the splashing sounds one makes in the shower while scrubbing vigorously.

Hygiene smells like soap and fresh breath.

Hygiene feels like dirt being washed away in the shower.

Hygiene tastes like wintergreen toothpaste.

Rhymes with Hygiene: A aquagreen, B bowling green, E evergreen, G gangrene, GR grassgreen, green, L long green, M mythogreen, P peagreen, peregrine, putting green, S sea-green, SH shagreen, chagrin, W wintergreen fellaheen wheen A alpigene, E epigene, F phosgene, photogene, G gazogene, H heterogene, hypogene, I indigene, J gene, jean, KW quadragene, M mutator gene, O aubergine, oncogene, P polygene, porphyrogene, S sagene, seltzogene, supergene

Minty fresh breath -- wintergreen testament to my hygiene
I look so good I must have a supergene
Piercing eyes -- I'd say they're sea-green
Come back to my place, baby -- let me be your love machine!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


2015 06 27 "Hallowe’en" #OW

Hallowe’en, All Hallows Eve, is October 31.

Hallowe’en looks like little dressed up in costumes trick or treating.

Hallowe’en sounds like scary Halloween sound effects albums on repeat.

Hallowe’en smells like pumpkin pie.

Hallowe’en feels like getting grabbed from behind while someone screams, "Boo!"

Hallowe’en tastes like candy corn, candy apples, and a bagful of random bite-sized candies.

Rhymes with Hallowe’en: ean, e’en, goode’en, narceine, cysteine, toluene bean, been, buckbean, gombeen, hasbeen, jellybean, shebeen, terebene Balanchine, Capuchin A Aberdeen, almandine, BR brigandine, D dean, dene, dudeen, G gabardine, gardeen, Gunga Din, GR gradine, grenadine, I indene, incarnadine, K codeine, KR crapaudine, P piperidine, S sardine, sourdine, undine dauphine, phosphene, phosphine, Josephine, caffeine, morphine, toxaphene, trephine Begin, Beguine, gean, carrageen glean, reglean

James Dean and the Queen went out for Halloween
Met up with Gunga Din and some B-movie hasbeen
Ate chips with guacamole and sour cream, drank too much Grenadine
The Queen had to break up a fight between Napoleon and his Josephine.

Friday, June 26, 2015


2015 06 26 "Unkempt" #OW

Unkempt is messy.

Unkempt looks like your hair when you just wake up.

Unkempt sounds like dropping your keys as you trip over the carpet.

Unkempt smells like that soda you spelled that you haven't cleaned up yet.

Unkempt feels like funk on your teeth because you haven't brushed yet this morning.

Unkempt tastes like day old bread that still hasn't been put away.

Rhymes with Unkempt: empt, coempt, preempt adempt adreamt, dreamt, undreamt kempt, dirempt attempt, contempt, selfcontempt, temp exempt

I'm all verklempt 'cause I'm so unkempt
I see my messy face looking back from the mirror, full of contempt
I've gotta get my act together, at least make the attempt
Or maybe awake me has it tight, and this mess is something I've dreamt?

Thursday, June 25, 2015


2015 06 25 "Requiem" #OW

Requiem is "an act or token of remembrance." (See internet.)

Requiem looks like a poem or an epigraph on a tombstone.

Requiem sounds like, "blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda the deceased was a great guy (or gal).

Requiem smells like funereal dirt.

Requiem feels like letting the sadness out.

Requiem tastes like wake casserole.

Rhymes with Requiem:  em, ’em, m, GM, IBM,  periblem anadem, bediadem, diadem, condemn, modem, recondemn feme, femme phlegm ahem, Bethlehem, hem, mayhem begem, Brummagem, gem, stratagem Yquem, kemb clem crème, crème de la crème golem, xylem mem ad hominem ad rem, in rem, theorem semsem Shem pipestem, stem contemn, pro tem apothegm, apothem, them wem

Let this be your requiem:
Your friends you treated like the crème de la crème.
Your favorite part of the flower was the periblem.
You disdained your enemies -- just said, "Fuck 'em!"

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


2015 06 24 "Eroteme" #OW

Eroteme is a question mark.

Eroteme looks like ?

Eroteme sounds like, "What the f...?"

Eroteme smells like luncheon mystery meat at the public school cafeteria.

Eroteme feels like uncertainty.

Eroteme tastes like luncheon mystery meat at the public school cafeteria.

Rhymes with Eroteme: escrime, scream disesteem, esteem, self-esteem, steam downstream, headstream, mainstream, midstream, millstream, slipstream, stream, upstream, esteem, semanteme, septime, centime, team, teem anatheme, theme extreme, monotreme yeme regime

The eroteme was an unsuccessful meme
(I mean, did you even know it was a question mark?)
So the eroteme has low self-esteem
And all that uncertainty just flows downstream
And so the eroteme is about as well known as a monotreme (what's a monotreme?).

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


2015 06 23 "Supreme" #OW

Supreme is the best.

Supreme looks like a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushroom, onion, and green pepper.

Supreme sounds like Christina Aguilera oversinging the hell out of a note or John Coltrane jazzing it up.

Supreme smells like a hot pizza with pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushroom, onion, and green pepper.

Supreme feels like winning the lottery.

Supreme tastes like a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, beef, mushroom, onion, and green pepper.

Rhymes with Supreme: queme leam sememe phoneme, neem, toneme bireme, quinquereme, ream, reem, rheme, riem, reream, spireme, trireme beseem, berseem, enseam, glosseme, lexeme, oxime, raceme, seam, seem, unbeseem, unseam rescheme, scheme

Coltrane had a love supreme
Created a memorable meme -- might say a phenom phoneme
Never made such a ripple no matter how hard I scheme.
But I'll keep trying -- gonna fill up a fresh ream.

Monday, June 22, 2015


2015 06 22 "Moonbeam" #OW

Moonbeam is the sun's light reflected off the moon.

Moonbeam looks like a silver moon.

Moonbeam sounds like photons bouncing around in space and striking the Earth.

Moonbeam smells like cottage cheese.

Moonbeam feels like cold light.

Moonbeam tastes like crisp, cold air.

Rhymes with Moonbeam: eme abeam, beam, embeam, hornbeam, whitebeam, crossbeam, sunbeam bream addeem, adeem, academe, deem, deme, Hasidim, misdeem, redeem daydream, dream blaspheme, grapheme, morpheme, telepheme fleam fream agleam, gleam, weathergleam haem hakim, hyporcheme cream, icecream

Her eyes were lit up by a moonbeam
Biting her lip like a teenage dream
That's the moment my eyes began to gleam
I said, "Hey, grrl, let's go get icecream!"

Sunday, June 21, 2015


2015 06 21 "Zuurveldt" #OW

Zuurveldt is an "African veld that is largely covered with coarse seasonal perennial grasses and affords inferior grazing." (see Internet)

Zuurveldt looks like tall grass on a hot, wide, African plain.

Zuurveldt sounds like wild animals chewing their cud.

Zuurveldt smells like zebra dung.

Zuurveldt feels like a humid sweatbox.

Zuurveldt tastes like grass.

Rhymes with Zuurveldt: belt, blackbelt, borscht belt, rain belt, sun belt, unbelt dealt, misdealt, undealt dwelt, undwelt felt, heartfelt, homefelt, underfelt, unfelt, veldt Danegelt, gelt, Trinkgelt Celt, kelt, Kelt melt, remelt knelt pelt celt, Celt smelt misspelt, spelt, unspelt svelte backveld, Roosevelt, veld, veldt, zuurveldt welt

It's hot as a African veld that is largely covered with coarse seasonal perennial grasses and affords inferior grazing
It's the heat it's the humidity you've felt
This heat is kickin' my ass like a blackbelt
Let's move somewhere cooler, like the Seattle rainbelt!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


2015 06 20 "Oneself" #OW

Oneself is you.

Oneself looks like the person you see in the mirror.

Oneself sounds like me, myself, and I.

Oneself smells like... well, did you bathe recently?

Oneself feels like you feel.

Oneself tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Oneself: elf delf, didelf Guelph pelf herself, himself, itself, myself, ourself, self, thyself, yourself closet shelf, mantel shelf, shelf, wall shelf (etc.) skelf

Pat one's own back oneself
I'm not your back-patting elf
I'm the one pats my own back myself
I'm the one wins my trophies and puts them on the mantel shelf.

Friday, June 19, 2015


2015 06 19 "Rebelled" #OW

Rebelled: resisted authority, control, or convention.

Rhymes with Rebelled: eld belled, unbelled fjeld Danegeld, geld beheld, held, unbeheld, upheld, withheld keld paralleled, unparalleled meld dispelled, expelled, impelled, compelled, misspelled, pelled, propelled, repelled, spelled yeld, yelled

You wanted to hold my hand but I rebelled
I won't be contained, I won't be held
I got my pride, my values to be upheld
"Back off, woman!" I yelled!

Thursday, June 18, 2015


2015 06 18 "Field" #OW

Field is a place where grass or other crops grow.

Field looks like grass or wheat or corn as far as the eye can see.

Field sounds like the crack of a baseball bat making contact with the ball or a tractor or combine.

Field smells like grass or wheat or corn or whatever, with a whiff of cow dung in the distance.

Field feels like a hot summer day.

Field tastes like corn on the cob at a 4th of July picnic.

Rhymes with Field: bield A afield, airfield, B battlefield, CH chesterfield, H harvest field, HW wheat field, I infield, K canfield, coal field, corn field, L left field, M midfield, minifield, O oil field, outfield, R right field, SH sheffield, SK Scofield, SN snowfield, SPR Springfield, U urnfield heald, heeled, hield, well-heeled enshield, shield, windshield weald, wield yield

Hot, hazy summer days lying in a field
Relaxation is all I hope to yield
Taking it easy is my shield
Eating corn on the cob, don't care if it's been peeled.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


2015 06 17 "Groundswell" #OW

Groundswell refers to a swell in the sea or a buildup of popular opinion.

Rhymes with : swell, upswell A artel, B bagatelle, boatel, BR bretelle, brocatelle, D dentelle, F foretell, H hotel, I immortelle, K cartel, KL clientele, M maitre d’hotel, moschatel, motel, muscatel, R retell, T tell divel, caravel, Ravel, Tavel bridewell,farewell, inkwell, Cromwell, speedwell, stairwell, unwell, well yell demoiselle, gazelle, mademoiselle, Moselle

The death of Shireen led to a groundswell
But I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Oh, well,"
I briefly wondered if a dragon would be born of her funeral pyre
But I was ready to move on, so Shireen, farewell.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


2015 06 16 "Pennoncelle" #OW

Pennoncelle is a small pennant designed to be attached to a lance.

Pennoncelle looks like a pole with a small flag on it.

Pennoncelle sounds like the roar of the trumpets for a medieval joust.

Pennoncelle smells like dirt and fresh air.

Pennoncelle feels like being stabbed in the chest with a lance.

Pennoncelle tastes like the dirt you eat when you're knocked off your horse during a rousing joust.

Rhymes with Pennoncelle: pucelle, R radicel, red cell, resell, S sarcel, sarcelle, cell, sell, solar cell, U undersell, unicell bombshell, eggshell, cockleshell, nutshell, seashell, shell, tortoise shell, unshell skell smell snell love spell, misspell, respell, spell, unspell pipistrel

Let fly the pennoncelle!
I'm here to impress the lovely lady in the mysterious pucelle.
My vigorous jousting's how I cast my love spell
She'll join me later in my bachelor cell.

Monday, June 15, 2015

1 Billy #WGUT

1 Billy #WGUT

Take me dancing, Billy
Take me dancing, now
Take me dancing, Billy
Take me dancing, Billy
Take me dancing, now
Take me dancing, Billy
Once a month on a Friday night

Won't you be my partner?
Won't you make me smile, now?
Won't you be my partner?
Once a month on a Friday night...


2015 06 15 "Personnel" #OW

Personnel are the people that work for a company.

Personnel look like a random collection of people in their company uniforms.

Personnel sound like, "Rutabaga, rutabaga, rutabaga, blah-blah-blah..."

Personnel smell like a mixture of cheap perfume and aftershave.

Personnel feel like high school plus time.

Personnel taste like chicken.

Rhymes with Personnel: F fontanel, fustanel, FR fresnel, J jargonelle, K quenelle, Cornell, KR crenelle, M mangonel, N knell, O organelle, P parnel, Parnell, petronel, pimpernel, PR prunelle, R ritornel, S sentinel, SP spinel, V villanelle  appel, dispel, expel, impel, compel, lapel, pell, propel, rappel, repel, scalpel aquarelle, amerelle, doggerel, cockerel, jurel, mackerel, morel, nonpareil, pickerel, rel, Sacheverell, chanterelle E excel, encell, F filoselle, ficelle, photocell, H hardsell, HW white cell, I involucel, K carousel, carrousel, M marcel, N nacelle, O outsell, oversell, P pedicel

Lay off all the personnel
Sound the death knell
This joint's gone to Hell
Our crappy product just didn't sell.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


2015 06 14 "Astrophel" #OW

Astrophel, "meaning star-lover," is one of the two main characters of the poem series, "Astrophel and Stella."  (Stella means, "star.")

Astrophel looks like a lovestruck fool kneeling before the object of his affections.

Astrophel sounds like, "Oh, darling, you're so WONDERFUL!"

Astrophel smells like Old Spice.

Astrophel feels like desperate, sloppy wet kisses with too much tongue way too soon.

Astrophel tastes like sappy moon-eyed doughboy.

Rhymes with : dwell, indwell befell, fell, refell Hel, hell aerogel, hydrogel, gel, jell, plasmagel kell kvell quell hallel, parallel bechamel, oenomel, philomel, hydromel, jumel, calomel, caramel, Carmel, mel, mell, pall-mall, pell-mell

I'm not some beta-male Astrophel
I'm the opposite, not some feminized parallel
Of you -- You just ask me what I want, do as I tell
It's my way or the highway -- do as I say or go to Hell!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dinner bell

2015 06 13 "Dinner bell" #OW

Dinner bell is the sound that signals the start of the evening meal.

Dinner bell looks like a standard bell, usually hand held.

Dinner bell sounds like the ringing of a bell.

Dinner bell smells like wood and metal.

Dinner bell feels solid in your hand.

Dinner bell tastes like something you shouldn't be putting in your mouth.  Eat dinner instead.

Rhymes with Dinner bell: A. W. O. L., AOL, DLL, DSL, el, ell, L, LOL, XML, Emmanuel, Immanuel, materiel, Noel, ruelle, Chanel, spirituel, URL, vielle B bar bell, bel, bell, belle, bonibel, bonnibell, BL bluebell, D decibel, deathbell, doorbell, dumbbell, E evening bell, G gabelle, H handbell, harebell, heatherbell, Isabel, J Jezebel, K Canterbury bell, corbeil, cowbell, KL claribel, M mirabelle, morning bell, N Nobel, P passing bell, R rebel, S sacring bell, sanctus bell, school bell, sunset bell, V vesper bell A aludel, asphodel, D dell, FR fricandel, H hirondelle, I infidel, K cadelle, cordelle, R rondel, rondelle, S sardel, sardelle, citadel, SH chandelle, Z zinfandel

Ah, hell!  I missed the dinner bell!
And now there's nothing to do but kick dirt like some dumbbell
The food's all gone so there's no point to storming the citadel
Now I've gotta drive five miles for KFC or Taco Bell.

Friday, June 12, 2015


2015 06 12 "Skeel" #OW

Skeel is a wooden bucket.

Skeel looks like Jack and Jill going up that hill to fetch a pail of water.

Skeel sounds like the well pump as you work it.

Skeel smells like water (or paint).

Skeel feels like cool refreshing water on a hot summer day.

Skeel tastes like wood.

Rhymes with Skeel: squeal bonspiel, festspiel, glockenspiel, kriegspiel, speel, spiel steal, steel, unsteel sweal bastille, datil, infantile, genteel, castille, Castille, cockateel, manteel, pastille, shabby genteel, teal, teil, til

Oh, you'll squeal when I hit you with that skeel
Or tap you with a glockenspiel
You won't think I'm so genteel
You'll finally realize that I'm thug life -- the real deal!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


2015 06 11 "Kneel" #OW

To kneel is to get down on both knees.

Rhymes with : anele, anneal, cochineal, manchineel, neele, chenille appeal, ylespil, peal, peel, repeal, repeel, thunderpeal baril, newsreel, real, reel, surreal, toril, unreal, unreel endocoele, enseal, goldenseal, imbecile, conceal, neurocoele, privy seal, ceil, seal, seel, cystocele, unseal sheal, sheel, she’ll

She'll kneel.
It's surreal
How I feel
But she'll kneel.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


2015 06 10 "Wheel" #OW

Wheel is a circle that goes round and round.

Wheel looks like

Wheel sounds like

Wheel smells like

Wheel feels like

Wheel tastes like

Rhymes with Wheel: aiguille allheal, heal, heel, he’ll, clownheel, Tarheel B balance wheel, big wheel, BR breastwheel, D dial wheel, DR driving wheel, FL-flywheel, FR freewheel, G gearwheel, HW wheal, K cartwheel, cogwheel, M millwheel, P paddlewheel, pinwheel jeel, jheel, jhil, congeal, recongeal, uncongeal creel allele, leal, leel, Lille B barley meal, F fistmele, H havermele, wholemeal, I inchmeal, K Camille, camomile, cornmeal, L landmil, M meal, mil, O oatmeal, P piecemeal, SHL schlemiel, ST stoundmeal, SW sweetmeal

Let me take the wheel
That's just how I feel
I'm a good driver, I mean real
Let me drive -- we'll get there safe -- that's the deal.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


2015 06 09 "Eel" #OW

Eel is a snakelike animal that mainly lives in water.

Eel looks like a snake in water.

Eel sounds like, "Eel!  Eeeeel!  Eel!"

Eel smells like a slimy water monster.

Eel feels like electricity, if it's electric.

Eel tastes like chicken of the sea.

Rhymes with Eel: langue d’oïl A abeal, abele, B beal, beele, D deshabille, dishabille, I immobile, L locomobile, M mobile, Mobile, O automobile, S cebil, SN snowmobile, traymobile deal, deil, ideal, interdeal, misdeal, ordeal, redeal, misdeal, undeal, urodele feal, feel, feil, forefeel, Israfil, refeel

I feel I have to keep it real and tell you there's no sex appeal with an eel
Any time I have to deal with an eel it's such an ordeal
So overcome with fright it keeps me immobile
Till I'm rescued by some passing dolphin or seal.

Monday, June 08, 2015


2015 06 08 "Intellect" #OW

Intellect is your brain's processing power.

Intellect looks like Albert Einstein writing " e = mc2" on a chalkboard.

Intellect sounds like a piece by Beethoven.

Intellect smells like something cooking on  a Bunsen burner in a lab.

Intellect feels like watching man land on the moon.

Intellect tastes like brains.

Rhymes with Intellect: A acrolect, analect, B basilect, D dialect, E elect, I idiolect, K collect, N non-elect, PR pre-elect, prelect, R re-elect, recollect, S select disconnect, goosenecked, interconnect, connect, crooknecked, necked, reconnect aspect, expect, henpecked, pecked, prospect complect A arrect, D direct, E erect, I indirect, incorrect, insurrect, K correct, M misdirect, P porrect, R wrecked, resurrect, rewrecked, U unwrecked bisect, dissect, exsect, insect, intersect, quadrisect, sect, transect, trisect, vivisect D disrespect, E expect, I inspect, introspect, R respect, retrospect, S self-respect, circumspect, suspect, SP specked, spect, ’spect, U unspecked architect, detect, contect, obtect, overprotect, protect, underprotect, undetect, unprotect trekked

Even with all your intellect
Your life is still such a wreck
In every aspect
Am I not correct?

Sunday, June 07, 2015


2015 06 07 "Effect" #OW

Effect refers to the consequence of an action.

Rhymes with Effect: becked checked, unchecked bedecked, decked, pandect A affect, aftereffect, D defect, disaffect, disinfect, F photoelectric effect, GR greenhoue effect, I infect, K confect, M misaffect, P perfect, PR prefect, R refect, ripple effect deflect, flecked, flect, inflect, genuflect, reflect, circumflect benign neglect, neglect A abject, adject, D deject, disject, E eject, I inject, interject, introject, K conject, O object, PR project, R reject, retroject, S subject, TR traject

Never mind me, I just said that for effect
I can't ever seem to get it right -- it's never perfect
Don't look at me -- I'm such a reject
I wouldn't say I'm overconfident -- at least I don't have THAT defect.

Saturday, June 06, 2015


2015 06 06 "Multiplex" #OW

Multiplex is a cinema with multiple screening rooms.

Multiplex looks like a big box with lots of smaller movie boxes inside it.

Multiplex sounds like Dolby surround sound of explosions mixed with movie music and dialog from clashing films.

Multiplex smells like stale popcorn.

Multiplex feels like gum on the bottom of your shoe.

Multiplex tastes like overpriced soda, popcorn and candy.

Rhymes with Multiplex: annex, disannex, Kleenex, connects, connex apex, haruspex, auspex, pects D diplex, duplex, G googolplex, I interrex, K complex, contraplex, KW quadruplex, N nulliplex, P perplex, PL plex, S simplex, TR triplex, V veniplex prex murex, Pyrex, rex desex, Essex, fair sex, homosex, intersex, Middlesex, sex, supersex, unisex, unsex, weaker sex Perspex, specs, spex dentex, cortex, latex, vertex, vortex narthex biconvex, convex, vex, unvex yex

I'll meet you at the movie plex
I'm running late 'cause I lost my specs
They disappeared in the lost glasses vortex
I'll find 'em in the last place I look -- it's not that complex.

Friday, June 05, 2015


2015 06 05 "Lex" #OW

Lex is law.

Lex looks like looks like a blindfolded chick holding a scale in one hand and a law book in the other.

Lex sounds like, "Guilty!  Not Guilty!  Objection, Your Honor!"

Lex smells like a dusty old law book.

Lex feels like the Man holding back my people.

Lex tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Lex: ex, x, Gen-X, Generation X becks, ibex, vibex bedecks, decks, index, caudex, codex, subindex faex, pontifex, spinifex, tubifex B biflex, D deflects, deflex, FL flecks, flex, I inflects, inflex, J genuflects, genuflex, R reflects, reflex, retroflex, S circumflex hex kex ilex, isolex, aulex, pollex, silex, scolex, telex Mex, remex, cimex, Tex-Mex

Love is the lex
For Generation X
For our love we flex
And back to us the love we give reflects.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Train wreck

2015 06 04 "Train wreck" #OW

Train wreck refers to an accident involving a train or a condition of having one's life severely out of order.

Train wreck looks like the young starlet of last week posing for her mug shot.

Train wreck sounds like the lyrics of a Justin Bieber tune.

Train wreck smells like 3-day-old fish.

Train wreck feels like that sinking feeling when you realize you're about to be struck by that oncoming train.

Train wreck tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Train wreck:  henpeck, kopek, OPEC, peck, repeck, sapek, Tehuantepec bewreck, plane wreck, reck, shipwreck, tenrec, cusec, parsec, sec Chiang Kai-shek sneck flyspeck, spec, speck Aztec, discotheque, high-tech, conteck, Mixtec, tec, tech, teck, Toltec Star Trek, trek yech, yecch

I'd have to do better to be a train wreck
It's stumble, fall, almost-catch-myself then on to the next misstep
I'll cut off my nose to spite my face faster than anyone else in the nearest parsec
You can't fix me 'cause they haven't invented the right "fix me" tech.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015


2015 06 03 "Turtle-neck" #OW

Turtle-neck is a type of long collar that covers the neck.

Turtle-neck looks like the neck of a turtle.

Turtle-neck sounds like cloth rustling against skin.

Turtle-neck smells like your perfume or cologne.

Turtle-neck feels like a nippy Autumn evening.

Turtle-neck tastes like turtle soup.

Rhymes with Turtle-neck:  feck fleck geck heck, by heck keck cleck cromlech, lech, Lech, leck, lek Olmec B bottleneck, BL blackneck, BR breakneck, KR crookneck, crewneck, L leatherneck, N neck, nek, neck-andneck, R redneck, rollneck, roughneck, rubberneck, wryneck, SW swanneck

I got lost in my turtleneck
Til I sighed and uttered, "Oh, heck!"
Hair mussed, faced tussed, I cussed 'cause I looked a wreck
I stopped, counted to 10, and got loose of my bottleneck.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015


2015 06 02 "Raincheck" #OW

Raincheck is a postponement of an event for some reason that precludes it.

Raincheck looks like a little league baseball field drenched by rain.

Raincheck sounds like, "Maybe next week."

Raincheck smells like procrastination.

Raincheck feels like being let down gently.

Raincheck tastes like a dream deferred.

Rhymes with Raincheck: home-ec beck, Kennebec, crombec, Quebec, pinchbeck, rebec, xebec brek blank check, bodycheck, check, cheque, Czech, hatcheck, coatcheck, countercheck, crosscheck, overcheck, recheck, rubber check afterdeck, bedeck, deck, foredeck, quarterdeck, sandek, undeck dreck

Oh, heck!  I'll give ya a raincheck
It's as good as a blank check
It won't bounce like a rubber check
But for now I'll be chillin' on the back deck.

Monday, June 01, 2015


2015 06 01 "Teak" #OW

Teak is a type of wood.

Teak looks like a tree or a piece of furniture.

Teak sounds like a tree falling in the forest.

Teak smells like camp fire.

Teak feels like a solid piece of wood.

Teak tastes like bark.

Rhymes with Teak: sleek, unsleek sneak bespeak, forespeak, newspeak, speak, unspeak streak A antique, B batik, boutique, J geopolitik, critique, M mystique, N novantique, P politique, PL plastique, pratique, R Realpolitik, TR triptyque tweak Holy Week, midweek, Passion Week, weak, week, yesterweek bezique, physique, cazique

It's a good table, made of teak
Stylish and modern, it looks real sleek
The kind you find in a corner of a trendy boutique.
But it'll blow up real good if you use plastique.