Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 12 31 "Droid" #OW

Droid is an android.

Droid looks like R2-D2 and C3P0.

Droid sounds like whirrs, clicks, and buzzes.

Droid smells like motor oil.

Droid feels like help from our robot overlords.

Droid tastes like metal and oil.

Rhymes with Droid: blennoid, gobioid, histioid, hyoid, ichthyoid, cardioid, ophioid, ooid, osteoid, pyoid, scorpioid, zooid amoeboid, buoyed, globoid, cuboid, rebuoyed, rhomboid, scaraboid, stromboid, unbuoyed fibroid, lambroid, scombroid gadoid, lambdoid, pyramidoid android, dendroid, octahedroid, polyhedroid, salamandroid, cylindroid, tetrahedroid didelphoid, lymphoid, paratyphoid, scaphoid, typhoid, xiphoid Freud algoid, fungoid, spongoid, tringoid congroid, Negroid enjoyed, joyed, overjoyed epicycloid, cloyed, cycloid, uncloyed A alopecoid, anthracoid, D discoid, F fucoid, H helicoid, J gynaecoid, K coracoid, KR cricoid, L lumbricoid, M maskoid, mineralcorticoid, mycoid, mucoid, muscoid, O autacoid, P percoid, pinacoid, PL placoid, S sarcoid, cercopithecoid, cysticercoid, T toxicoid, TR trichoid, trochoid, V viscoid

Meet Ann, the Droid
She'll be so helpful you'll be far less annoyed.
You'll write her good reviews, she'll be so enjoyed.
She'll straighten your room, make your messes more cuboid.

This concludes this @ year-long series of object writing exercises.  #OW

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


2015 12 30 "Joy" #OW

Joy is happiness.

Joy looks like a prizewinner.

Joy sounds like The Beatles.

Joy smells like quiet farts that no one smells.

Joy feels like happiness.

Joy tastes like cheesecake.

Rhymes with Joy: oi, oy A attaboy, altar boy, B batboy, boy, buoy, bellboy, bellbuoy, ball boy, BR breeches buoy, CH charity boy, D dayboy, doughboy, footboy, H highboy, hautboy, hallboy, houseboy, HW whistlebuoy, K carboy, callboy, cowboy, KW choirboy, L liftboy, linkboy, loblolly boy, lowboy, M maccaboy, mama’s boy, messboy, O hautboy, oh boy, P pageboy, paperboy, postboy, potboy, PL playboy, plowboy, S sonobuoy, SK schoolboy, ST stableboy, T tallboy, tomboy, Y yellowboy  bok choy, packchoi foy goi, goy ahoy, hobberdehoy, hobble-de-hoy, hoy enjoy, joy, killjoy, montjoy, overjoy cloy decoy, coy, koi Iroquois alloy, hoi, polloi, kumbaloi, loy, permalloy, saveloy moy annoy, Hanoi, Illinois deploy, employ, ploy, redeploy, reemploy avoirdupois, charpoi, poi, sepoy, teapoy corduroy, Rob Roy, viceroy paduasoy, soy Tolstoi  destroy, search-and-destroy, stroy toy troy, Troy  envoy, convoy, cunjevoi, lenvoi, savoy, Savoy, travois, travoy borzoi

Joy and Happiness!  Happiness and joy!
I feel such happiness like a Christmas-day school boy!
Like I'm about to play with some cool new toy.
Or be excused from reading some boring book by Tolstoy...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


2015 12 29 "Fog" #OW

Fog is low-flying clouds.

Fog looks like mist.

Fog sounds like a foghorn.

Fog smells like rain water.

Fog feels like confusion.

Fog tastes like misty water.

Rhymes with Fog: Og blog bog, embog brog Patchogue attack-dog, bird-dog, bulldog, dog, fog-dog, fire-dog, hangdog, hot dog, hound dog, coach dog, mad dog, police dog, prairie dog, seadog, sun dog, sheepdog, underdog, watchdog (etc.) flog, reflog befog, defog, megafog, peasoup fog, pettifog bullfrog, frog, leapfrog glogg A agog, D demagogue, E emmenagogue, F physagogue, FL phlegmagogue, G galactagogue, gog, Gog, Gog and Magog, Gogmagog, goosegog, grinagog, H haemagogue, hydragogue, holagogue, L logogogue, M Magog, mystagogue, O osmagogue, P pedagogue, pintagogue, S sialagogue, psychagogue, synagogue, Z xenagogue grog

My world's in a daze, my mind's in a fog
I can't move forward trapped in this bog
One step forward and two steps back like some bizarro frog
I know!  I'll write about it in my blog...

Monday, December 28, 2015


2015 12 28 "Rogue" #OW

Rogue is a bad actor who goes off script.

Rogue looks like the Dread Pirate Roberts.

Rogue sounds like Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Rogue smells like the sea or space or anywhere rogues hang out.

Rogue feels like breaking the rules.

Rogue tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Rogue: bogue, disembogue brogue drogh, drogue collogue pirogue, prorogue, pishogue kitthoge togue trogue vogue

Yes, I'm a rogue.
It's in vogue.
I say words like trogue
Bogue, brogue, and drogh!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


2015 12 27 "Brush-off" #OW

Brush-off is when you actively ignore another person who wants your attention.

Brush-off looks like waving your arms in a "No" gesture.

Brush-off sounds like, "Gedouddahee!"

Brush-off smells like rejection.

Brush-off feels like a loss of friendship.

Brush-off tastes like broccoli.

Rhymes with Brush-off: cast-off, kick-off, kick off, off, rip-off, rip off, send-off, takeoff, wave-off doff glof goff, golf coff cloff quaff gnoff, Rachmaninoff, Stroganoff prof shroff scoff bibliosoph, morosoph, philosoph, soph toff

Ow!  That's how I felt when you gave me the brush-off
Like some misfit cast-off
Like you already had a foursome for your game of golf.
Okay -- I can take a hint.  I can go home and eat a bucket of beef stroganoff.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


2015 12 26 "Oaf" #OW

Oaf is a clumsy person.

Oaf looks like Olaf on a bad day.

Oaf sounds like, "Oops!  Sorry!"

Oaf smells like someone who just stepped in something.

Oaf feels like having two left feet.

Oaf tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Oaf: goaf koph, qoph breadloaf, half a loaf, quarterloaf, loaf, sugarloaf monostrophe toph limtrophe

Oof!  What an oaf!
When it comes to clumsy, he took an oath!
He's not playing with a full loaf
When it comes to left feet, he's got both!

Friday, December 25, 2015

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2015 12 25 "Plod" #OW

Plod is to stumble along aimlessly.

Plod looks like irregular footprints in the snow.

Plod sounds like step-stagger-step.

Plod smells like drudgery.

Plod feels like listlessness.

Plod tastes like a slow-moving chicken.

Rhymes with Plod: Hesiod, od, Od, odd bod, Ichabod demigod, god, God, river god, sea god hod clod Cape Cod, cod, lingcod, ostracod, tomcod quod mod nid-nod, nod A amphipod, anglepod, anthropod, arthropod, BR brachiopod, branchiopod, D decapod, diplopod, G gastropod, H hexapod, K chenopod, cheetopod, chilopod, copepod, L landing pod, M megapod, O octopod, ornithopod, P peapod, pod, polypod, PL platypod, R rhizopod, S cephalopod, sacropod, sauropod, pseudopod, SK scaphopod, T pteropod, tetrapod, tylopod, TH theropod, Y unipod prod, reprod Aaron’s rod, divining rod, emerod, goldenrod, hotrod, curling rod, Nimrod, piston rod, pushrod, ramrod, rod  dry-shod, reshod, roughshod, shod, slipshod, unshod scrod squad snod sod tod retrod, trod, untrod eisteddfod tightwad, wad, wod

I set an example as I plod
Mindful of those who will step where I trod
Who rever me as a demigod
Me a lowly biped with an average bod.

Thursday, December 24, 2015


2015 12 24 "Glass-jawed" #OW


Glass-jawed looks like a big musclebound type hitting the canvas.

Glass-jawed sounds like, "Ow!  Oo boke my node!"

Glass-jawed smells like blood.

Glass-jawed feels like failure.

Glass-jawed tastes like blood and copper.

Rhymes with Glass-jawed: awed, over-awed, unawed baud, bawd, kilobaud abroad, broad, cackle-broad defraud, fraud gaud, iron-jawed, steel-jawed, water-jawed belaud, laud, relaud maud applaud, reapplaud maraud yaud, yauld

Please don't hit me -- I'm glass-jawed
I once got knocked out by just a tiny little broad.
That's why I'm never one to strut or maraud
The closest I ever get to tough is at the movies, and I sure do applaud!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


2015 12 23 "Boatload" #OW

Boatload refers to a lot of stuff, enough to load a boat.

Boatload looks like a lot.

Boatload sounds like people wearing themselves out moving stuff.

Boatload smells like a lot of almost anything imaginable.

Boatload feels like prosperity.

Boatload tastes like bananas.

Rhymes with Boatload: ode, ohed, owed, unowed abode, bode, forebode goad hoed area code, decode, encode, genetic code, code, Morse code, postal code, zip code FR freeload, WH whipload, K carload, L load, lode, O overload, P payload, R reload, SH shipload, TR truckload U unload, W workload a la mode, alamode, discommode, incommode, commode, mode anode, antinode, internode, node, palinode, staminode explode, implode antipode, epode, hemipode, lycopode, megapode byroad, bridle road, erode, high road, highroad, inroad, corrode, low road, middle-of-the-road, Nesselrode, railroad, road, rode shoad, shode, showed episode, resewed, resowed, sewed, sowed spode bestowed, stowed, rebestowed, restowed, unbestowed, unstowed bestrode, strode hydathode horned toad, nematode, pigeontoed, retoed, retowed, toad, toed, towed, trematode, untoed woad episode

How much wine?  A glass?  A bottle?  A boatload?
I could tell you were a heavy drinker, the way you stumble-strode.
You say you developed a fondness for drink working on the railroad?
That's reassuring.  Me, my only fault is I'm pigeon-toed...

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


2015 12 22 "Hopscotch" #OW

Hopscotch is a child's jumping game.

Hopscotch looks like little kids playing.

Hopscotch sounds like squeals of laughter and delight and jumping.

Hopscotch smells like the great outdoors.

Hopscotch feels like fun.

Hopscotch tastes like butterscotch.

Rhymes with Hopscotch: blotch botch gotch hotch crotch notch, topnotch hotchpotch rotch, rotche scotch, Scotch splotch swatch death watch, digital watch, dogwatch, nightwatch, overwatch, wristwatch, stopwatch, watch

I'm so good I can beat YOU at ANYTHING!  Checkers!  Chess! Hopscotch!
I'm great, I say -- topnotch!
Time me!  Find a stopwatch!
Let's play for high stakes, too!  Ice cream!  Butterscotch!

Monday, December 21, 2015


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2015 12 21 "Motorcoach" #OW

Motorcoach is a car.

Motorcoach looks like a car.

Motorcoach sounds like a car.

Motorcoach smells like a car.

Motorcoach feels like a car.

Motorcoach tastes like a car.

Rhymes with Motorcoach: abroach, broach, brooch encoach, coach, mailcoach, slowcoach, stagecoach encroach, croche loach poach approach, reproach, self-reproach caroche, cockroach, roach snoach

Let's take a Sunday drive in my motorcoach
Faster than any old stagecoach
We'll talk about any subject you car to broach.
I don't know what it means but a word that rhymes is -- snoach!

Sunday, December 20, 2015


2015 12 20 "Blob" #OW

Blob is a big fat, ginormous mass.

Blob looks like the creature from the movies.

Blob sounds like flesh sliding on concrete, the walls, around your legs, and so on.

Blob smells like the sewer from whence it sprang.

Blob feels like impending death.

Blob tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Blob: bob, earbob, cabob, nabob, shishkabob, skibob, thingumabob, thingumbob brob fob, watchfob glob gob hob job kincob, cob, kob, corncob quab lob demob, mob hob-and-nob, hobnob, knob, nob carob, rob scob squab slob snob sob stob swab athrob, heartthrob, throb yob

Have you ever seen, "The Blob"?
Whoever wrote that must have loved his job!
I bet in real life, he or she was a real slob
Not the leading lady type -- not a heartthrob!

Saturday, December 19, 2015


2015 12 19 "Earlobe" #OW

Earlobe is the fleshy part of the ear.

Earlobe looks like a flap of skin dangling off both sides of your head.

Earlobe sounds like -- scratch that -- the earlobe HELPS YOU HEAR.

Earlobe smells like skin.

Earlobe feels like soft skin.

Earlobe tastes like greasy chicken fat with no meat.

Rhymes with Earlobe: aube daube Anglophobe, aerophobe, etc. englobe, globe, conglobe, ’round the globe J Job microbe, lobe probe, reprobe, unprobe aerobe, bathrobe, disrobe, enrobe, rerobe, robe, unrobe, wardrobe strobe

I love to nibble your earlobe
I'd do that around the globe
In a disco with a flashing strobe
When I start to nibbling, please disrobe!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Lobster Claw

2015 12 18 "Lobster Claw" #OW

Lobster Claw

Lobster Claw looks like

Lobster Claw sounds like

Lobster Claw smells like

Lobster Claw feels like

Lobster Claw tastes like the rest of the lobster, especially if you drown it all in butter.

Rhymes with Lobster Claw: aw, awe, overawe usquebaugh braw chaw dauw, daw, jackdaw, landau draw, overdraw, redraw, undraw, withdraw flaw faugh, guffaw gaw, gewgaw heehaw, haw, hawhaw jaw, flapjaw, crackjaw, lockjaw, underjaw dew-claw, clappermaclaw, claw, crab claw, caw, macaw craw B by-law, BR brother-in-law, D daughter-in-law, F father-in-law, I in-law, L law, M mother-in-law, O outlaw, P pilau, pilaw, S sister-in-law, son-in-law, SK scofflaw

It's okay -- you can have the lobster claw.
After all, you're my favorite mother-in-law.
To deny you this would make me an outlaw.
And I have so much respect for you, so much awe.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


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