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#FightForUS Week Ending 2016 11 20
This Ain't What I Came For Week Ending 2016 11 13
Man Walking Week Ending 2016 11 06
CMU Mocap Libray Project Completed
CMU Mocap Library Update 74% Online
CMU Mocap Library Update 40% Online
CMU Mocap Library Update 33% Online
CMU Mocap Library Update 30% Online
CMU Mocap Library Update 20% Online
CMU Mocap Library Update 10% Online
Guess Who's Having a Baby Week! Ending 2016 09 11
Tell @WalterSimonson #TWG Week! Ending 2016 09 04
Improve My Gig Checklist Week! Ending 2016 08 28
Blender, Canva, GIMP, and Inkscape Week! Ending 2016 08 21 WABS Mark II Week! Ending 2016 08 14
Chess Match Opening Week! Ending 2016 08 07
Bowling Pin Week! Ending 2016 07 31
Trump The Musical Week! Ending 2016 07 24
GIMP Week! Ending 2016 07 17
Bastille Day Week! Ending 2016 07 10 but really July 14!
Hashtag Week! Ending 2016 07 03 #Hashtag
My Interview with Miles Greb
Introducing the WABs Week! Ending Sunday 2016 06 26 #WABs
Twitter Week! Ending Sunday 2016 06 19 #Twitter
Exclusively on Fiverr Week! Ending Sunday 2016 06 12 #Fiverr


If you look around this blog you will find lots of invitations for collaboration.  For example, #TaylorSpliffed is a book of lyrics, but I can't sing or play a musical instrument.  If YOU CAN, why not record a demo and throw up on YouTUBE?  The TaSKMMNAMIHGN (pronounced, "TaSK-Na-MIG-N" cuz the "MM" is silent) invites you to create your own graphic novel featuring your favorite childhood hero The WOWful Water Bear).  With The Chris Hardwick Special Collector's Edition, you can create your own comic strips using dozens of pre-made sketches!  If you want to be a super-rich, A-list Hollywood movie star, why not post your video on YouTUBE, #BlaiseFaintMovieAudition ?  If you enjoy The TaSK, please like and RETWEET my tweets.
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Preparing for the Interview
Triad Career Network Meeting Notes

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