This page celebrates the Manuel Bastioni Lab add-on for Blender!

Special Report for Version 1.5   Reference Images in the Comic Book Reader (CBZ) format

Special Report for Version 1.4
Special Report for Version 1.3

If you're interested in adding the CMU Mocap Library bvh files, please take a look at this YouTube playlist which shows the files in motion. In addition, I've added information to the spreadsheet provided by CMU to this pdf. With version 1.5, adding bvh files to Manuel Bastioni Lab is easy!

Here's a quick guide to the Manuel Bastioni Lab.

Here's a playlist of tutorials I'm working on for The Manuel Bastioni Lab.

Here are the expressions for the Caucasian female:

Some of the BVH files are getting weird results with the feet (bvh file 49_09):

Here is Manuel Bastioni's response:

Here's a quick and dirty tutorial to finalize a character in MBL ver 1.6.1.