Monday, October 24, 2016

This Ain't What I Came For

This Ain't What I Came For

This ain't what I came for
That's why I'm walking out your door
All you think about is 'bout yourself
That's why I'ma put you on a shelf!

You're on every fashion list
Best dressed, best kissed, best altruist
You're so shallow, girl, that's why I'm pissed
All your songs 'bout how
                            you been dissed!

Blank stare on your blank face
Like you just came from outer space
You're the blondest blonde in the place
Goody two-shoes, so straight-laced...

Plaster on a fake grin
Shake it off cuz you just can't win
Got more money than a thousand men
But you're still all about the Benjamins.

Girl, write a song 'bout something more
Than how you're the one we all adore
Write something deeper than you done before
Girl, don't be a has-been bore...

There's a world beyond your blank space
There's a whole human race
Poverty, disease, Climate change
Say some something that matters -- show some range!