Monday, August 29, 2016

Tell Walter Simonson That Was Great Week

Hello, welcome to Tell @WalterSimonson That Was Great (#TWG) Week!

I interrupt this blog post for an important announcement:
Today I found out about the Manuel Bastioni Lab. This is an incredible open-source add-on for Blender:
Visit these websites. You'll thank me later. That is all.

I'm pretty pleased with Manuel Bastioni Lab Special Report, my new PDF Ebook book. I believe it marks a milestone in my personal growth and development as a contributing member of society. Please visit my profile at Thank you!

This week, I hit @WalterSimonson up on Twitter and tell him, "That Was Great." #TWG


Because, hey, if I can't tell one of my idols (@WalterSimonson) that something was great while riffing on an old Chris Farley bit from Saturday Night Live, giving a callback to the time that @BrianMBendis liked my Tweet (#TWG), and making #TotallyRad 15-second videos while shamelessly plugging my blog, then this isn't the America I grew up in!

Hey, @WalterSimonson... Remember that time @BrianMBendis liked my Tweet? That was great.