Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trump the Musical

Welcome to Trump the Musical Week!

Act I

    "DJ Drumpf"
    "Hillary Clinton, Sir"
    "I'm Gonna Shoot You in the Middle of the Street"
    "The Story of This Evening"
    "The Immigrant Wives"
    "Chaos and Bloodshed Are the Solution"
    "Behind Your Back"
    "Right Hand Flim-Flam"
    "A Winter's Ball"
    "You'll Be Satisfied! I Can Guarantee It!"
    "The Story of This Evening" (Reprise)
    "I Don't Wait for S#|t"
    "I Don't Care Whether You Live or Die"
    "The Art of the Deal Commandments"
    "I'll Be Inside -- I Don't Give a S#|t What You Do"
    "That Would Never Be Enough"
    "Classy Guns and Tony Ships"
    "History Has Its Eyes on Me"
    "Uptown (Better than Downtown)"
    "I Come First -- Who Gives a S#|t What Comes Next?"
    "Dear Melania"
    "When They Finally Perfect Cloning, There'll Finally Be More of Me"
    "I Tweet Non-Stop"

Act II

    "What the F#@k Do I Care What I Missed?!"
    "Boardroom Battle #1"
    "Take a Break and You're Fired!"
    "Say Yes to This"
    "The Room Where I Happen (To Be)"
    "Hillary Defeated"
    "Boardroom Battle #2"
    "Putin on My Side"
    "Just One Time"
    "I Know Me"
    "The Drumpf Administration"
    "I Know"
    "I'm a Hurricane"
    "The Pence Palin Pamphlet"
    "Burn It All Down"
    "Blow Me"
    "I Don't Care Whether You Live or Die" (Reprise)
    "Quiet Up, Town"
    "The Election of 2016"
    "You're My Obedient Servant or You're Fired"
    "Best of Reality Stars and Best of Men"
    "The Door Wasn't Wide Enough"
    "I Live, I Hire a Ghost Writer To Tell My Story"