Monday, December 07, 2015


2015 12 07 "Whit" #OW


Whit looks like a beautiful pop singer.

Whit sounds like, "The children are our future" (at least, she did in the past).

Whit smells like teen spirit.

Whit feels like listening to pop music on the radio.

Whit tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Whit: A appropriate, B baccalaureate, I immediate, inappropriate, intermediate, it, J Jesuit, K collegiate, KW quadrifoliate, PR professoriate, R roseate, S secretariat, TR trifoliate bit, bitt, forebitt, giga-bit, kilo-bit, mega-bit, tidbit, titbit, unbit, wait-a-bit brit, Brit chit dit, ditt befit, benefit, fit, phit, comfit, counterfeit, misfit, outfit, palafitte, refit, retrofit, unfit flit frit git, profligate grit hit, outhit

I don't care one whit
You're ALL THE TIME talkin' shit!
Your remarks are unkind and inappropriate
I don't like it ALL -- not one BIT!