Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sui Generis

2015 12 02 "Sui Generis" #OW

Sui Generis is unique.

Sui Generis looks like 1 of something of which there is only one.

Sui Generis sounds like Bobcat Goldthwaite singing the national anthem.

Sui Generis smells like super expensive perfume after an explosion at the perfume factory.

Sui Generis feels like one of a kind.

Sui Generis tastes like chicken from a chicken that could fly.

Rhymes with Sui Generis: piss, precipice PRIS priss RIS avarice, Phalaris, clitoris, licorice,  SIS A abiogenesis, adipogenesis, aphaeresis, aphesis, agenesis, amoebiasis, anabasis, analysis, anamorphosis, anthropogenesis, anthropomorphisis, antiphrasis, antithesis, apodosis, apophysis, apotheosis, ascariasis, atelectasis, B bacteriolysis, bilharziasis, biogenesis, biolysis, biosynthesis, BR bronchiectasis, D dialysis, diaeresis, diathesis, dichastasis, E ectogenesis, elephantiasis, electroanalysis, electrodialysis, electrolysis, emesis, emphasis, entasis, epiphysis, F filariasias, photokinesis, photosynthesis, GL glycolisis, H haematiogenesis, haematemisis, haemodialysis, haemolysis, hypostasis, histogenesis, histolysis, hypothesis, holophrasis, J genesis, K catabasis, katabesis, catalysis, KE cryptanalysis,

Darling, you're one of a kind: sui generis
You're like a plant that don't need no photosynthesis
A little kid that don't love licorice
An accountant that don't do no analysis!