Sunday, December 13, 2015


2015 12 13 "Live" #OW

Live is when you're not yet dead, and after you're born.

Live looks like moving, running, jumping, dancing, singing, and playing the harmonica.

Live sounds like, "It's alive!  It's alive!"

Live smells like sweat and activity.

Live feels like breathing and all that.

Live tastes like raw chicken.

Rhymes with Live: I’ve chive dive, endive, high dive, high-dive, nosedive, power dive, redive, swan dive chain drive, drive, outdrive, overdrive five, spoil five beehive, hive, rehive, unhive gyve, jive, ogive, ungyve clive alive, unalive connive deprive, redeprive arrive, derive, rive, rearrive, rederive shive shrive skive stive strive swive thrive contrive convive, redivive, revive, survive wive

We'll do it Live!
We'll jump and jive!
It'll be great!  We'll thrive!
Only the doers survive!