Tuesday, December 08, 2015


2015 12 08 "Kit" #OW

Kit is your lunchbox.

Kit looks like a little knapsack or lunch pail.

Kit sounds like whatever's sloshing around in the thermos.

Kit smells like lunch.

Kit feels like fast food.

Kit tastes like chicken and biscuits and sandwiches and dessert...

Rhymes with : delicate, indelicate, intricate, contortuplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate, centuplicate, septemplicate, certificate, triplicate clit hypocrite adequate, acquit, inadequate, quit, quitquit alit, bimaculate, chocolate, disconsolate, immaculate, inarticulate, inviolate, lit, moonlit, relit, starlit, sunlit, twilit, unlit A admit, antepenultimate, approximate, D demit, E emit, I illegitimate, immit, intermit, intimate, intromit, K commit, compromit, L legitimate, M manumit, mit, mitt, O omit, P permit, PR pretermit, proximate, R recommit, remit, S submit, TR transmit, U ultimate

There's quite a few calories in my kit
Cause a big lunch is how I like it
I got a cast-iron stomach, it ain't delicate
And I'll eat the whole thing before I quit...