Sunday, December 06, 2015


2015 12 06 "Gunfight" #OW

Gunfight is when two or more dudes fire guns at each other and their surroundings.

Gunfight looks like two dudes pulling the trigger and ducking and dying.

Gunfight sounds like, "Bang! Bang!"

Gunfight smells like hot gun powder.

Gunfight feels like violence.

Gunfight tastes like gunsmoke.

Rhymes with : backbite, bight, bite, byte, fleabite, Jacobite, kilo-byte, Moabite, Niobite, Rechabite, cenobite, snakebite, trilobite blight, blite bright, eyebright B bedight, D dight, dite, E expedite, extradite, endite, erudite, Hheulandite, hermaphrodite, I indite, incondite, K condite, cordite, L lyddite, M meropodite, P pentlandite, podite, R recondite, S synodite, TR troglodyte  achondrite, alexandrite, archimandrite, dendrite A aerophyte, B bullfight, BR bryophyte, D dermophyte, dogfight, E ectophyte, endophyte, entophyte, epiphyte, F fistfight, fight, fite, GR graphite, H hanifite, hydrophyte, J geophyte, K cockfight, KR cryophite, L lithophyte, M mesophyte, microphyte, N neophyte, O osteophyte, ophite, PR prizefight, S sea fight, sciophyte, sulphite, STR street fight, T turfite, Z zoophyte

I'll leave town if I hear about a gunfight
I'll come tomorrow, tomorrow night
I won't be able to testify if the authorities indite
Cause I have an alibi -- I was a bird in flight!