Thursday, December 24, 2015


2015 12 24 "Glass-jawed" #OW


Glass-jawed looks like a big musclebound type hitting the canvas.

Glass-jawed sounds like, "Ow!  Oo boke my node!"

Glass-jawed smells like blood.

Glass-jawed feels like failure.

Glass-jawed tastes like blood and copper.

Rhymes with Glass-jawed: awed, over-awed, unawed baud, bawd, kilobaud abroad, broad, cackle-broad defraud, fraud gaud, iron-jawed, steel-jawed, water-jawed belaud, laud, relaud maud applaud, reapplaud maraud yaud, yauld

Please don't hit me -- I'm glass-jawed
I once got knocked out by just a tiny little broad.
That's why I'm never one to strut or maraud
The closest I ever get to tough is at the movies, and I sure do applaud!