Saturday, December 19, 2015


2015 12 19 "Earlobe" #OW

Earlobe is the fleshy part of the ear.

Earlobe looks like a flap of skin dangling off both sides of your head.

Earlobe sounds like -- scratch that -- the earlobe HELPS YOU HEAR.

Earlobe smells like skin.

Earlobe feels like soft skin.

Earlobe tastes like greasy chicken fat with no meat.

Rhymes with Earlobe: aube daube Anglophobe, aerophobe, etc. englobe, globe, conglobe, ’round the globe J Job microbe, lobe probe, reprobe, unprobe aerobe, bathrobe, disrobe, enrobe, rerobe, robe, unrobe, wardrobe strobe

I love to nibble your earlobe
I'd do that around the globe
In a disco with a flashing strobe
When I start to nibbling, please disrobe!