Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 12 31 "Droid" #OW

Droid is an android.

Droid looks like R2-D2 and C3P0.

Droid sounds like whirrs, clicks, and buzzes.

Droid smells like motor oil.

Droid feels like help from our robot overlords.

Droid tastes like metal and oil.

Rhymes with Droid: blennoid, gobioid, histioid, hyoid, ichthyoid, cardioid, ophioid, ooid, osteoid, pyoid, scorpioid, zooid amoeboid, buoyed, globoid, cuboid, rebuoyed, rhomboid, scaraboid, stromboid, unbuoyed fibroid, lambroid, scombroid gadoid, lambdoid, pyramidoid android, dendroid, octahedroid, polyhedroid, salamandroid, cylindroid, tetrahedroid didelphoid, lymphoid, paratyphoid, scaphoid, typhoid, xiphoid Freud algoid, fungoid, spongoid, tringoid congroid, Negroid enjoyed, joyed, overjoyed epicycloid, cloyed, cycloid, uncloyed A alopecoid, anthracoid, D discoid, F fucoid, H helicoid, J gynaecoid, K coracoid, KR cricoid, L lumbricoid, M maskoid, mineralcorticoid, mycoid, mucoid, muscoid, O autacoid, P percoid, pinacoid, PL placoid, S sarcoid, cercopithecoid, cysticercoid, T toxicoid, TR trichoid, trochoid, V viscoid

Meet Ann, the Droid
She'll be so helpful you'll be far less annoyed.
You'll write her good reviews, she'll be so enjoyed.
She'll straighten your room, make your messes more cuboid.

This concludes this @ year-long series of object writing exercises.  #OW

Thank you for reading.