Sunday, December 27, 2015


2015 12 27 "Brush-off" #OW

Brush-off is when you actively ignore another person who wants your attention.

Brush-off looks like waving your arms in a "No" gesture.

Brush-off sounds like, "Gedouddahee!"

Brush-off smells like rejection.

Brush-off feels like a loss of friendship.

Brush-off tastes like broccoli.

Rhymes with Brush-off: cast-off, kick-off, kick off, off, rip-off, rip off, send-off, takeoff, wave-off doff glof goff, golf coff cloff quaff gnoff, Rachmaninoff, Stroganoff prof shroff scoff bibliosoph, morosoph, philosoph, soph toff

Ow!  That's how I felt when you gave me the brush-off
Like some misfit cast-off
Like you already had a foursome for your game of golf.
Okay -- I can take a hint.  I can go home and eat a bucket of beef stroganoff.