Wednesday, December 23, 2015


2015 12 23 "Boatload" #OW

Boatload refers to a lot of stuff, enough to load a boat.

Boatload looks like a lot.

Boatload sounds like people wearing themselves out moving stuff.

Boatload smells like a lot of almost anything imaginable.

Boatload feels like prosperity.

Boatload tastes like bananas.

Rhymes with Boatload: ode, ohed, owed, unowed abode, bode, forebode goad hoed area code, decode, encode, genetic code, code, Morse code, postal code, zip code FR freeload, WH whipload, K carload, L load, lode, O overload, P payload, R reload, SH shipload, TR truckload U unload, W workload a la mode, alamode, discommode, incommode, commode, mode anode, antinode, internode, node, palinode, staminode explode, implode antipode, epode, hemipode, lycopode, megapode byroad, bridle road, erode, high road, highroad, inroad, corrode, low road, middle-of-the-road, Nesselrode, railroad, road, rode shoad, shode, showed episode, resewed, resowed, sewed, sowed spode bestowed, stowed, rebestowed, restowed, unbestowed, unstowed bestrode, strode hydathode horned toad, nematode, pigeontoed, retoed, retowed, toad, toed, towed, trematode, untoed woad episode

How much wine?  A glass?  A bottle?  A boatload?
I could tell you were a heavy drinker, the way you stumble-strode.
You say you developed a fondness for drink working on the railroad?
That's reassuring.  Me, my only fault is I'm pigeon-toed...