Thursday, December 10, 2015


2015 12 10 "Blacksmith" #OW

Blacksmith is a dude who makes tools out of iron, horseshoes and such.

Blacksmith looks like a burly dude in a leather apron pounding a hammer on an anvil over a fire.

Blacksmith sounds like, "Pound!  Pound!  Pound!"

Blacksmith smells like sweat, fire, and molten metal.

Blacksmith feels like power.

Blacksmith tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with : B’nai B’rith frith grith kith crith A aerolith, acrolith, anthropolith, B batholith, E eolith, G gastrolith, GR granolith, K cactolith, coccolith, L lactolith, lith, M megalith, microlith, monolith, N neolith, P paleolith, R regolith, ST statolith, TR trilith, Y urolith, Z xenolith MITH engastrimyth, epimyth, Grecian myth, myth, Nordic myth, Roman myth pith sith arrowsmith, goldsmith, gunsmith, whitesmith, coppersmith, locksmith, silversmith, smith, tinsmith, tunesmith, wordsmith forthwith, herewith, wherewith, therewith, with, withe, wythe

These days it's hard to find a good blacksmith
The indomitability of the blacksmith is just a myth
So, it's good to find a hard wordsmith
You should appreciate me baby -- c'mere, forthwith!