Saturday, December 05, 2015


2015 12 05 "Altruist" #OW

Altruist is a kind person who gives to others.

Altruist looks like someone with lots of money.

Altruist sounds like, "Here's twenty bucks, buddy!"

Altruist smells like fancy clothes and fancy cologne.

Altruist feels like generosity.

Altruist tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Altruist: archaist, atheist, B banjoist, E egoist, essayist, H hobbyist, Hebraist, I ist, J jingoist, Judaist, K casuist, copyist, L lobbyist, M Maoist, O oboist, PR prosaist, S soloist, SH Shintoist, T Taoist, TR tritheist, U ultraist, V vacuist, Y euphuist Arabist equilibrist B balladist, K chiropodist, concordist, M melodist, Methodist, monodist, P parodist, PR prejudiced, R rhapsodist, S psalmodist, synodist, T Talmudist, THR threnodist, U unprejudiced B beneficed, F philosophist, fist, fyst, photographist, J gymnosophist, K chirographist, P pacifist, puckfist, SP specifist, ST steganographist, stenographist, T telegraphist, typographist, topographist, TH theosophist

What, am I some kind of altruist?
The only thing I got to give YOU is my right fist!
Do you need me to smell it out for you like some stenographist?
Just because you've been judged and found lacking don't make me prejudiced!