Tuesday, December 01, 2015


2015 12 01 "Abyss" #OW

Abyss is the deep.

Abyss looks like a film by James Cameron.

Abyss sounds like echoes, like at the Grand Canyon or wherever.

Abyss smells like stuff that's too far away to smell.

Abyss feels like falling forever.

Abyss tastes like air.

Rhymes with Abyss: bis, cannabis bliss briss dis, Dis, diss, hendiadys, Charydbis, cowardice, magadis, prejudice artifice, benefice, edifice, orifice, sacrifice dentifrice ambergris, mistigris, verdigris dehisce, hiss butterfly kiss, chocolate kiss, French kiss, Judas kiss, kiss, rekiss, soul kiss kris, Kriss cuisse, quis A acropolis, Annapolis, F fortalice, G Gallipolis, H Heliopolis, I Indianapolis, K cosmopolis, KR chrysalis, L lis, liss, M megalopolis, metropolis, Minneapolis, N necropolis, P Persepolis, S syphilis  amiss, Artemis, dynamis, dismiss, epididymis, fideicommiss, miss, Miss, remiss, submiss reminisce

I've squinted into the Abyss
Let me tell you it's no shallow matter, Miss.
If I let you think that, I'd be remiss.
Now, let's retire to the bedroom and... French kiss...