Wednesday, December 16, 2015


2015 12 16 "Absenteeism" #OW

Absenteeism is missing days of school or work.

Absenteeism looks like the person who's not there that day.

Absenteeism sounds like the absence of, "Present!" as the role is called.

Absenteeism smells like nothing.

Absenteeism feels like a void.

Absenteeism tastes like nothing.

Rhymes with Absenteeism: allotheism, altruism, archaism, asteism, atheism, B babyism, Bahaism, bitheism, bogeyism, boobyism, bowwowism, BL bluestockingism, D deism, Dadaism, dandyism, dichroism, ditheism, E egoism, egotheism, echoism, F fairyism, fideism, physitheism, fogeyism, FL flunkeyism, G Ghandiism, ghettoism, H Hebraism, henotheism, heraism, heroism, hylozoism, Hinduism, I Englishism, Irishism, ism, J jingoism, jockeyism, Judaism, K kathenotheism, Cockneyism, L ladyism, Lamaism, Lamarckism, locoism, MMaoism, Mazdaism, McCarthyism, misoneism, Mithraism, monotheism, Mosaism, monkeyism, O ogreism, P pantheism, polytheism, powwowism, puppyism, PR Prosaism, R rowdyism, S Sivaism, sutteeism, SH Shintoism, T Taoism, Titoism, Toryism, TH theism, TR trichroism, tritheism, Trotskyism, truism, U ultraism, untruism, Y Yankeeism, euphuism, Z xanthachroism, zanyism abysm, cubism, syllabism tenebrism abecedism, braggardism, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, invalidism, iodism, Lollardism, Methodism, monadism

I don't get your absenteeism
Or what it has to do with Hinduism
I mock you and your babyism
It's as strange to me as your monkeyism!