Friday, November 13, 2015


2015 11 13 "Wince" #OW

Wince is when you grimace because of pain or distress.

Wince looks like hunching and frowning and narrowing your eyes all at once against your own will.

Wince sounds like "D'oh!"

Wince smells like wet pants.

Wince feels like fear or pain.

Wince tastes like defeat.

Rhymes with Wince: blintz chinse, chintz quince mince Black Prince, fairy prince, frogprince, merchant prince, prince, studentprince, unprince rinse, rerinse, unrinse since evince, convince

I'm so sorry!  Didn't mean to make you wince!
Now you'll think I'm some Black Prince!
I'm really a good guy!  How can I convince?
I made you flinch that once, but never again since...