Monday, November 30, 2015


2015 11 30 "Thrice" #OW


Thrice looks like three times.

Thrice sounds like twice with a thr- instead of a tw-.

Thrice smells like too much cologne, if you apply it thrice!

Thrice feels like three more than once, one-and-a-half more than twice.

Thrice tastes like 3 pieces of chicken.

Rhymes with Thrice: rais, rice imprecise, concise, precise, sice, syce slice allspice, bespice, speiss, spice resplice, splice, unsplice entice, tice trice twice advice, device, intrauterine device, edelweiss, vice, vise

I told you once!  I told you twice!  I told you thrice!
If you stop interrupting me, I'll be done in a trice!
Forbear, woman!  Woman, be nice
Dinner won't be done until I add just the right amount of spice!