Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The TaSK: Week Ending 2015 11 15

The home for The TaSK is here:

Here are the strips for this week (new strips may be added daily).  Please click on each individual image to view it at a larger (hopefully more readable) size.  Thank you for reading.

I've REDACTED some strips.  In two, I've replaced an individual's name with initials, because I believe it's FUNNIER that way.

In two strips where I included original artwork from which I derived my sketches, I redacted those images for 2 reasons:
1) I've been quite upfront that I'm not an artist, and see no reason to belabor the point, so I think ultimately it's a boring treadmill to show those images;
2) While I believe that including the images is covered on First Amendment growns as I did so for academic reasons, to demonstrate how my efforts are aided by GIMP, it could become problematic down the road as I collect the monthly strips into archives.

Thank you for understanding.