Friday, November 20, 2015


2015 11 20 "Sip" #OW

Sip is to take a teeny-tiny little drink of something.

Sip looks like a slightly tilted glass.

Sip sounds like, "Slurp!"

Sip smells like more in the glass than in your mouth.

Sip feels like being all genteel-like...

Sip tastes like too little to taste.

Rhymes with Sip: sip skip scrip gymslip, cowslip, landslip, nonslip, sideslip, slip, underslip snip airstrip, bumper strip, outstrip, strip, unstrip, weathership thrip tip atrip, business trip, head trip, cantrip, pleasure trip, trip yip rezip, unzip, zip

Lemme have a sip!
C'mon, man, just a nip!
I got the DTs, got the yips!
Help me out -- I'm coming off a bad trip.