Monday, November 02, 2015


2015 11 02 "Pinch" #OW

Pinch is just a little bit of something, like a spice used for cooking.

Pinch looks like a few grains of seasoning between your thumb and forefinger.

Pinch sounds like, "Achoo!  Who knew just a pinch of pepper could make me sneeze?"

Pinch smells like whatever spice or seasoning that is.

Pinch feels like just the little bit of love that makes your meal great!

Pinch tastes like a dash or a squib of whatever.

Rhymes with Pinch: half-inch, inch, quarter-inch chinch dinch bullfinch, chaffinch, fallow finch, finch, goldfinch, grassfinch, greatfinch, greenfinch, hawfinch, redfinch flinch kinch clinch, unclinch bepinch, pinch recinch, cinch, uncinch squinch winch

Just a little seasoning, just a pinch
Makes making a great meal such a cinch
Relax, unclench, unclinch
Dinner will be ready when the little hand moves a quarter-inch....