Wednesday, November 04, 2015

OMG! Brian Michael Bendis Liked My Tweet! This Is Huge!

Dear Diary,

Today, out of nowhere, THE Brian Michael Bendis LIKED MY TWEET!

OMG, Diary, this is so awesome!

This is HUGE


I mean, up until today, I was a total "having my Tweet liked" Virgin!  (If you know what I mean...)

As far as I know, no one on Earth has ever even read one of my Tweets!  (I mean, I'm old, I like to talk in complete sentences, I just don't "get" Twitter...)

What do I do?  WHAT DO I DO?!

Should I ask him if he wants me to send him a copy of my resume?!  I mean, Diary, you know, I've already told you how super-sweet my resume is.  It's an actual comic strip of The TaSK telling about my awesome life and all the incredible things I've done.  It's on my LinkedIn profile for my connections to view, but I don't think I should just go sending it off willy - nilly.  Oh, Diary, life is so complicated!

Should I get an agent?!  A MANAGER?!

What's next for me?  Oh, Diary, this is such an exciting time in my life...

I'd like to thank my Mom, the Academy, my dog Hannah, that Aussie Chick from Nashville, but most especially, Brian Michael Bendis!

Seriously, dude, you made my day.  Thank you so much. :)