Friday, November 06, 2015


2015 11 06 "Monkeying" #OW

Monkeying is playing around.

Monkeying looks like monkeys playing in the jungle.

Monkeying sounds like those same monkeys at play!

Monkeying smells like plastic poop.

Monkeying feels like fun.

Monkeying tastes like a pie to the face.

Rhymes with Monkeying: A arguing, B bandying, bellowing, bellringing, burying, billowing, busying, bullying, BL blarneying, CH churchgoing, D dallying, dairying, dishallowing, E echoing, elbowing, embodying, empitying, emptying, envying, F fancying, farrowing, following, falsifying, foregoing, foreshadowing, FL flurrying, H hallowing, harrowing, horseshoeing, HW whinnying, I ing, ingrowing, issuing, J jollying, journeying, K candying, carrying, continuing, copying, curtsying, KW querying, quarrying, quartering, L lazying, lobbying, M marrying

I don't have time for monkeying!
Monkeying ill befits your future king...
I'm busy doing all sorts of stuff!  Lots of words ending in -ing,
And that's all the time I have today for this foolish dallying!