Tuesday, November 10, 2015


2015 11 10 "Lip-synch" #OW

Lip-synch is when you mouth the words to a previously recorded song.

Lip-synch looks like Milli Vanilla.

Lip-synch sounds like Memorex.

Lip-synch smells like something fishy up in here.

Lip-synch feels like fraud.

Lip-synch tastes like drinking someone else's milkshake.

Rhymes with Lip-synch: plink prink oxyrhynch, rink shrink countersink, cinque, sink, synch skink slink spink stink swink bethink, doublethink, forethink,outthink, rethink, think tink trink twink chewink, hoodwink, jinnywink, tiddlywink, wink zinc

Watch how I Lip-synch!
Whaddaya think?
It's a neat little hoodwink.
Plink plink plink!