Monday, November 16, 2015


2015 11 16 "Linotype" #OW

Linotype is an old-timey machine used for printing newspapers.

Linotype looks like a big metal newspaper press.

Linotype sounds like gears grinding and papers going to press: LOUD!

Linotype smells like cheap newspaper and smelly ink.

Linotype feels like a heavy weight that could crush you easy.

Linotype tastes like ink and newsprint on newspaper.

Rhymes with Linotype: heliotype, holotype, J genotype, K karyotype, collotype, countertype, logotype, M megatype, monotype, O autotype, PR prototype, R retype, cyanotype, somatotype, subtype, ST stereotype, T teletype, tintype, type tripe prewipe, rewipe, unwipe, wipe, wype

Today you rarely see a Linotype
It's obsolete now, is the stereotype
That's fine with me, I don't have a gripe
Long as I get my news in a readable type!