Monday, November 23, 2015


2015 11 23 "Ire" #OW

Ire is anger.

Ire looks like eyes narrowed to slits.

Ire sounds like a sharp bite to her inflection and tone.

Ire smells like adrenaline.

Ire feels like you've really just stepped in it.

Ire tastes like she made my banana sandwich with mayonnaise.  Mayonnaise!  Can you believe the unmitigated gall!  If you're gonna make me a banana sandwich, slice the banana lengthwise and quarter it, make some toast, and put lots of butter on the toast!  Don't be puttin' mayo on my banana sandwich!

Rhymes with Ire: byre briar, brier dier, dire, dyer A afire, B backfire, beaconfire, bonfire, BL blackfire, BR brushfire, D death, fire, F fire, foxfire, forest fire, G galley fire, gunfire, GR granophyre, H hellfire, K campfire, camphire, coal fire, KR crossfire, L lamprophyre, M melaphyre, misfire, N needfire, P peat fire, portfire, R retrofire, S sapphire, signal fire, SH shellfire, SP spitfire, SW swamp fire, W wildfire, wood fire friar, fryer hire, rehire gyre

Uh oh!  Now I've raised her ire!
Out of the frying pan and into the fire!
It's the end days, the widening gyre
I swear I was trying to make her happy,
But my plan just seemed to backfire!