Wednesday, November 11, 2015

High Jinks

2015 11 11 "High Jinks" #OW

High Jinks are when you get up to stuff.  Not to be confused with, "Jinky!" or "Jeepers," which are things that Velma says.

High Jinks looks like

High Jinks sounds like

High Jinks smells like

High Jinks feels like

High Jinks tastes like champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Rhymes with : jinx links, lynx minx salpinx androsphinx, hieracosphinx, criosphinx, sphinx methinks, thinks pilliwinks, tiddlywinks

Enough with the High Jinks!
Think about what your Mother thinks!
This horseplay has gone too far -- it stinks!
Do something constructive -- go play tiddlywinks!