Tuesday, November 03, 2015


2015 11 03 "Gavelkind" #OW

Gavelkind refers to judges, auctioneers, referees, and such...

Gavelkind looks like Judge Wapner.

Gavelkind sounds like the sound a gavel makes when it hits solid wood.

Gavelkind smells like some old dude wearing God-knows-what under his dress.

Gavelkind feels like being hit with a hammer.

Gavelkind tastes like wood.

Rhymes with Gavelkind: bearbind, bind, inbind, cowbind, rebind, spellbind, unbind, underbind, upbind blind, half-blind, color-blind, purblind, sandblind, snowblind, unblind affined, find, refind, refined, unrefined greasy grind, grind, regrind ahind, behind, hind, humankind, kind, mankind, unkind, womankind enclined, inclined

Bad call, Ump!  You're not fit to be gavelkind!
He was safe by a mile, you must be blind!
Go back to the diner, your unrefined greasy grind...
You're a poor representative of the humankind!