Thursday, November 26, 2015


2015 11 26 "Fear" #OW

Fear is being scared of something.

Fear looks like

Fear sounds like

Fear smells like

Fear feels like

Fear tastes like

Rhymes with Fear: drear, fere, interfere, isodiaphere fleer bevel gear, footgear, friction gear, gear, gir, headgear, regear, running gear, ungear adhere, hear, here, inhere, cohere, Mynheer, mishear, overhear jeer, Tangier fakir, kier chanticleer, clear, reclear, unclear queer, lequear, perqueer   bandoleer, bandolier, F fusilier, G gaselier, gondolier, K camelier, cavalier, King Lear, L lavaliere, lear, Lear, leer, P pedalier, pistoleer, SH chandelier, chevalier A actinomere, amir, antimere, BL blastomere, E emeer, emir, epimere, K kerseymere, M meer, mere, metamere, mir, PR premier, S centromere, SH chimere, V Vermeer

The only thing we have to Fear
Is a shortage of tasty craft Beer
So be a darling, be my Dear
And fetch some more.  Go on -- get out of here!