Saturday, November 07, 2015


2015 11 07 "Ding" #OW

Ding is the sound a bell makes.

Ding looks like Quasimodo pulling his ropes.

Ding sounds like, "DING! Ding. ding-"

Ding smells like whatever we're having for dinner.

Ding feels like time to take the appropriate action depending on the context.

Ding tastes like beans and franks, if you're lonesome cowpoke on the cattle trail.

Rhymes with Ding:  forwarding, freestanding, garlanding, hazarding, heralding, jeoparding, outstanding, placarding, scaffolding, shepherding, smallholding, wingding triumphing fling, refling ging CH challenging , D damaging, discouraging, disparaging, Eencouraging, envisaging, F foraging, M managing, mismanaging, P pillaging, R ravaging, S savaging, SK scavenging, V voyaging  A a la king, B barracking, beking, BR breathtaking, DR dressmaking, E earthshaking, F fairy king, finicking, H heartbreaking, housebreaking, K king, M mafficking, N Nanking, painstaking, pigsticking, sea king, sleepwalking, unking, trafficking cling, recling

What?!  No, I didn't say you can DING,
I said you can really SING!
Girl, you're my everyTHING,
And I'd love to give you a wedding RING!