Sunday, November 08, 2015


2015 11 08 "Dialing" #OW

Dialing is this thing we used to do before phones were computers.

Dialing looks like

Dialing sounds like

Dialing smells like

Dialing feels like

Dialing tastes like

Rhymes with : appareling, atheling, B barreling, bedeviling, bepummeling, beveling, bitterling, CH changeling, channeling, chiseling, chitterling, D daughterling, ding-a-ling, dueling, dukeling, DR driveling, E easterling, enameling, entrameling, F fingerling, fosterling, G gamboling, GR graveling, groveling, grueling, H hosteling, K canceling, caroling, caviling, cudgeling, KW quarreling, L labeling, leveling, libeling, ling, M marshaling, marveling, modeling, N naveling, O outrivaling, P paneling, pedaling, penciling, R reveling, rivaling, SN sniveling, SP spiraling, ST stenciling, STR stripling, T tasseling, tingaling, tinseling, toweling, tunneling, TR traveling, U underling, unraveling, unrivaling, wassailing daydreaming, Ming, slumming

Is this the party to whom I have been dialing?
I sometimes get confused when I've been traveling.
And I get stressed when we've been quarreling
And I've been so fast -- just plain barreling!