Saturday, November 21, 2015

Buffalo Chips

2015 11 21 "Buffalo Chips" #OW

Buffalo Chips are discrete units of buffalo excrement.

Buffalo Chips look like big mounds of black excrement.

Buffalo Chips sound like one relieved buffalo!

Buffalo Chips smell like fresh country air.

Buffalo Chips feel like failure.

Buffalo Chips taste like something you don't need to taste to know that you never want to taste it.

Rhymes with Buffalo Chips: chips, fish and chips, in the chips, potato chips eclipse, partial eclipse, total eclipse Apocalypse, ellipse resnips, snips, unsnips unships thrips

Careful!  Don't step in the Buffalo Chips!
You might think it's the Apocalypse.
People think weird stuff during an eclipse.
Just relax, cause soon we'll be having fish and chips...