Tuesday, November 17, 2015


2015 11 17 "Blip" #OW

Blip is a small irregularity on the radar.

Blip looks like a tiny little hard-to-identify thing.

Blip sounds like, "Blip!"

Blip smells like adrenaline, if it's the sign of a real problem.

Blip feels like a change of pace.

Blip tastes like something coming back up your throat.

Rhymes with Blip: bip chip dip, redip adrip, drip flip, sherry flip gip grip, grippe, handgrip, hairgrip hip, hyp, rosehip bullwhip, horsewhip, coachwhip, whip gip, gyp kip clip, reclip, inclip, unclip

Don't worry, it was just a blip
A slight dip
So you can loosen your hold on that handgrip
Trust me, I'm for real, not being flip...