Sunday, November 29, 2015

Black Ice

2015 11 29 "Black Ice" #OW

Black Ice is ice made even more treacherous because it is hard to see.

Black Ice looks like the pavement beneath it.

Black Ice sounds like, "Aaaah!  I just slipped on black ice!"

Black Ice smells like adrenalin.

Black Ice feels like the bones you broke as you slipped on the black ice.

Black Ice tastes like regular ice, with your blood mixed in.

Rhymes with Black Ice: choc-ice, de-ice, dry ice, ice, camphor ice bice dice, paradise fice, human sacrifice, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, suffice grice beggar’s lice, body lice, head lice, lice church mice, field mice, country mice, mice, city mice, titmice gneiss, nice, overnice pice half-price, off-price, price, reprice, underprice, unprice

Don't fall on the Black Ice
Breaking your bones wouldn't feel so nice.
Don't want you to be a human sacrifice!
Leave that for the field mice!