Saturday, November 28, 2015


2015 11 28 "Bathysphere" #OW

Bathysphere is chamber for deep-sea observation.

Bathysphere looks like a giant metal ball with glass windows.

Bathysphere sounds like the pinging made by SONAR.

Bathysphere smells like the dude that's been stuck in there for hours!

Bathysphere feels like claustrophobia.

Bathysphere tastes like metal and glass.

Rhymes with Bathysphere: A aerosphere, anthrosphere, atmosphere, B barysphere, biosphere, E ecosphere, exosphere, F photosphere, H hemisphere, hydrosphere, I insphere, L lithosphere, M magnetosphere, mesosphere, ionosphere, P perisphere, PL planisphere, R rhizosphere, S centrosphere, SF sphere, STR stratosphere, TH thermosphere, TR troposphere, U undersphere, unsphere cashier, shear, sheer, tabasheer A adiposere, agricere, Aesir, E ensear, F financier, I insincere, K caboceer, KW cuirassier, L Landseer, PL plancier, S sear, seer, cere, sincere, xerosere skeer sclere

Mind you don't break the Bathysphere!
It's super-expensive!  Yes, I'm sincere.
We use it to explore the biosphere.
No, it's not a good place to take a broad for booze and beer...