Sunday, November 15, 2015


2015 11 15 "Bagpipe" #OW

Bagpipe is a Scottish wind instrument.

Bagpipe looks like a dude in a kilt holding a bag of pipes.

Bagpipe sounds like banshees moving through pipes and a bag.

Bagpipe smells like a heavy breather breathin' heavy.

Bagpipe feels like a funeral, cause that's when they're mostly played.

Bagpipe tastes like the previous bagpipers sweat and spit.

Rhymes with Bagpipe: blype gripe hipe, hype, overhype kipe clype Bagpipe BL blowpipe, D downpipe, drainpipe, H hornpipe, hawsepipe, I Indian pipe, L liripipe, P Panpipe, pitchpipe, pipe, ST standpipe, stovepipe, T tailpipe, W windpipe dead ripe, overripe, rareripe, ripe, underripe, unripe slype guttersnipe, jacksnipe, snipe stipe pinstripe, restripe, stripe, unstripe sideswipe, swipe A antitype, archetype, B biotype, D daguerrotype, E ectype, electrotype, F phenotype, phototype, GR graphotype

I'll never be the one playing the bagpipe
Just not the bagpiper archetype.
Not the stalwart dude blowin' the blowpipe.
Now if you need someone to eat a banana that's getting ripe...