Tuesday, November 24, 2015


2015 11 24 "Acquire" #OW

Acquire means to get stuff.

Acquire looks like a kid with a new candy bar.

Acquire sounds like Vinnie Barbarino exclaiming, "I need drugs! Gimme drugs!"

Acquire smells like fancy perfume in the tiny bottles.

Acquire feels like success.

Acquire tastes like the lunch buffet at the Golden Corral.

Rhymes with Acquire: antechoir, enquire, esquire, inquire, choir, quire, require, retrochoir liar, lyre admire, bemire, quagmire, mire, pismire empire, pyr, pyre, umpire plier, plyer prior, pryer shire belsire, grandsire, sire squire, unsquire aspire, expire, inspire, conspire, perspire, respire, spire, suspire, transpire attire, entire, flat tire, overtire, retire, satire, tire, Tyre envire, vire barbwire, barbed wire, haywire, rewire, tripwire, unwire, wire desire

Your love I must acquire
I confess the situation is dire
As if your feelings for me are stuck in the mire
Love me! Or I expire!