Thursday, October 08, 2015


2015 10 08 "Volatile" #OW

Volatile means, "liable to change rapidly and unpredictably, especially for the worse."

Volatile looks like Kyle Chandler at the end of his guest appearance on "Grey's Anatomy."

Volatile sounds like, "Ka-boom!."

Volatile smells like gunpowder and other accelerants.

Volatile feels like the shakes.

Volatile tastes like a bloody lip.

Rhymes with : enisle, campanile, juvenile, Nile, senile aeolipile, decompile, micropyle, compile, pile, recompile, repile, stockpile, thermopile, unpile, woodpile, up-pile, voltaic pile puerile, rile domicile, ensile, exile, reconcile, sile smile spile A amphiprostyle, D decastyle, diastyle, dodecastyle, E epistyle, FR freestyle, H hairstyle, hypostyle, L life style, M menostyle, P pentastyle, peristyle, polystyle, R restyle, S cyclostyle, ST stile, style, T turnstile, Y urostyle F fertile, futile, H hostile, I infantile, J gentile, M mercantile, P pulsatile, R reptile, rutile, S saxatile, septile, T tile, V versatile, vibratile, acrylonitrile revile, vile weil, wile exile, resile

I try to keep an even keel; you're volatile
My Spidey sense tells me to keep my distance, honey-chile.
Maybe one day you'll grow up and calm down, after a while.
Come find me then.  If you still look so good, I'll even greet you with a smile.