Friday, October 30, 2015


2015 10 30 "Pushpin" #OW

Pushpin is a tack for posting stuff on bulletin boards.

Pushpin looks like a tack.

Pushpin sounds like, "Ow!  I poked myself with a pin!"

Pushpin smells like the blood on your thumb from where you poked yourself.

Pushpin feels like a thorn or briar patch.

Pushpin tastes like plastic and metal.

Rhymes with Pushpin: A atropine, B belaying pin, breastpin, CH chinkapin, chinquapin, H hairpin, hatpin, I inchpin, K calepin, kingpin, KR crankpin, L lapin, linchpin, N ninepin, P pin, pippin, R repin, S safety pin, SK sculpin, ST stickpin, T tenpin, terrapin, tiepin, TH thoroughpin, U underpin, unpin, W wankapin discipline, indiscipline A adulterine, alizarin, anserine, aspirin, aventurine, B bacterin, E elaterin, F fiorin, G gorgerin, GL glycerine, H heparin, K corinne, coumarin, culverin, L luciferin, M mandarin, margarine, muscarine, N nectarine, nitroglycerin, P porphyrin, S sapphirine, saccharine, Sanhedrin, sovereign, suberin, T tamarin, tambourin, Turin, V viperine, vulturine, W warfarin Capuchin, shin Schwinn

I posted a note with a pushpin
And that's how my adventure began
I formed a league to play ninepin
And that's when my and my running buddies first ran.