Saturday, October 31, 2015


2015 10 31 "Pigskin" #OW

Pigskin is slang for football.

Pigskin looks like an orange ball with laces and not quite round.

Pigskin sounds like, "Hut 1!  Hut1!  Hike!"

Pigskin smells like October, leaves, and pumpkin pie.

Pigskin feels like cold imitation pigskin.

Pigskin tastes like pumpkin pie.

Rhymes with Pigskin: D damassin, K characin, kerasine, KL clavecin, M moccasin, mortal sin, O omphacine, R re-sin, S sin, SP spassadin, T tocsin, toxin, U unsin, W Wisconsin SKIN B bearskin, buckskin, D deerskin, doeskin, foreskin, K calfskin, kidskin, L lambskin, M moleskin, O oilskin, R redskin, reskin, Rumpelstiltskin, S sealskin, SH sharskin, sheepskin, SK scarfskin, skin, SN snakeskin, T tigerskin, U onionskin (etc.) backspin, respin, sidespin, spin, tailspin, topspin absinthin, absinthine, lecithin, sympathin, thick-and-thin, thin A agatine, argentine, asbestine, astatine, B Byzantine, bulletin, F Philistine

Let's toss around the ol' pigskin
Later we'll recline by the fire on the ol' bearskin
We'll play hide the Rumpelstiltskin
And type it up later in our ol' bulletin.